How Men Dress to Look Attractive! | 9 Style Rules ALL Men Should Follow

September 5, 2022
It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, gay, straight, trans, rich, poor, tall, or short; if you dress well, you’ll have more opportunities than the dude that dresses like sh!t. Confidence happens when you wear an outfit that you know looks badass, is coordinated, and fits you flawlessly. You feel amazing, and every single aspect of your life gets better. Dressing well isn’t super complicated, and it doesn’t have to take a ton of cash. But what it does take is an understanding of a few basic rules and principles. If you follow these, you will be dressing attractively.

Rules to always looking effortlessly stylish and attractive

  1. Know your body and how to dress. By understanding your body and how clothing will make you appear, you will look the best you can. This rule is critical to you maximizing your attractiveness when it comes to your style and dress. Fit is the most crucial aspect of looking great. Great clothing that doesn’t fit correctly to your specific body won’t look good.
  2. Dress with purpose & intention, and don’t just wing it. You need to plan and then build a proper wardrobe. Also, if you have a bunch of clutter and chaos in your wardrobe, you won’t be able to dress the best you can. You need to go through your closet and try every item on. If it doesn’t fit or look good, or if you don’t love it, get rid of it.
  3. A wardrobe is built and not bought; you cannot just run out and buy an entire wardrobe. You have to systematically add key pieces periodically. If you focus on the proper fit and don’t go over the top with trends, you will build a successful wardrobe that looks amazing on you.
  4. Don’t waste your money on over-the-top stylish clothing. Trendy clothing will be worn for a bit, and then trends will change. I recommend that if you build a new wardrobe, go for a perfect pair of denim that is not too dark or light. Upgrade your shoes instead of wearing sneakers. Get an elevated pair of kicks, such as minimum leather sneakers. Elevate your shirt game with a black tee shirt and a white tee shirt. I love mine from Cuts. The v-neck isn’t super deep, and the fit is more athletic without being skin-tight (or super boxy and baggy). I love that you get to choose the hem. The Pima cotton is next-level soft and supple.
  5. Invest in quality clothing as opposed to quantity of clothing. Instead of buying three suits, buy one tailored suit. Instead of buying ten cheap tee shirts that get stretched out and faded, invest in three or four high-quality versions. Everything from sneakers to suits to button-up shirts to sunglasses, invest in higher quality. You will be amazed at how much better the items look on you, how much more you’ll like them, and how much longer they will last.
  6. Don’t neglect your casual style. You may get dressed up to go to work, a networking event, a date, or a wedding. But in informal environments and situations, don’t look like a dog turd. You need to upgrade and elevate your casual style and gear as well.
  7. Accessorize because accessories are a great equalizer. If you have two dudes wearing the same outfit, the one rocking accessories will set one apart from the other. Spice up and add personal flavor & flare to your outfits.
  8. Spend money on shoes. Wearing stylish, high-quality, stylish shoes is one thing you can do to set yourself apart from 95% of other guys. No matter the outfit that you’re wearing, the wrong shoes will ruin it. You will look horrible if your shoes are beaten up, dirty, stylish, or ugly. But if you wear badass and sexy shoes, you can take an average outfit and make it into an exceptional one.
  9. Take responsibility for your style. It’s your responsibility and not your girlfriend’s. She sucks at picking out clothes for you. Your dad and grandparents should not be picking out your clothes either. Take control of your style destiny! You will have more opportunities if you start dressing with intention and purpose. Remember, gentleman, somebody forms an opinion of you based on the first three seconds upon you meeting them. It’s based on the nonverbal communication you’re doing, which includes body language, how you walk, how you stand, how you shake hands, how you groom, how you smell, and how you look. My question is, how do you look?

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