Mistakes Guys {Over 30} Make Trying to Look Young and Cool

August 4, 2022
Don’t be that guy who’s getting older and more mature but trying to hold on to his youth with a Kung Fu action grip. Doing this ends up making you look like a humongous douche. I will go over some of the most prominent mistakes men make trying to look youthful, and super cool, not to mention dope. Dope as you look like a dope!

Older guys look like dorks when they are …

  • Not using age-appropriate words – use words that are age appropriate so you don’t communicate like you’re 12 years old trying to keep up with trendy terminology and dialogue.
  • Wearing clothing that is way too young – style is probably the biggest offender when men try to look young and cool. It’s a tricky thing, though. It really depends on the individual where some dudes look amazing in something while others will look super stupid. If you walk into a store, and everybody is half your age, you shouldn’t be shopping there. Specifically, don’t wear jeans that are overly distressed or tight -or- fun shirts with patterns, shine, and other designs. Solids are your best option. Also, there’s a thin line between having a cool, vintage vibe and looking douchey.
  • Taking sexy selfies – if you’re over 30 and posting selfies all the time, you lose.
  • Buying super pricey and expensive skin care products – when men start noticing fine lines or their skin not looking quite good, they freak out and run to the store and buy the most expensive stuff. They think that just because it’s costly, it will work better. The truth is, skincare is overpriced and overhyped. That’s why with Tiege Hanley, you have a premium brand without the markup. Tiege Hanley has all the basics to make you look handsome now and in the future. Get 30% OFF plus a FREE gift with your subscription.
  • Covering all of the gray or using a dye that is way too dark – salt and pepper is an incredibly sexy look if you can pull it off. There’s nothing wrong with looking a bit older and mature. Women find gray hair very sexy. If you want to cover it, make sure you don’t go too dark because it looks unnatural. You can find products that will leave a little gray and not cover everything.
  • Driving a car that screams they want to be young, sexy, and vibrant – there’s nothing wrong with liking nice cars, but seeing an older dude driving a pimped-out yellow, red, or green, super loud, and aggressive car is obnoxious. He looks like he’s trying to over-compensate for something.
  • Wearing baseball hats backward – it doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 40, or 60, you look like a douche with a backward baseball hat. Even with baseball hats forward, wearing a baseball hat conveys that you’re immature. It’s okay to wear one in the right situation.
  • Covering up the fact they’re losing hair – whether or not you’re balding or receding, do not ever wear a hair piece or a comb-over. You’ll look like a douche. Go to Bosley to help stop it from falling out. Also, transplant options are plentiful.
  • Wearing too many accessories – I see these older dudes rocking 17 bracelets and a ton of rings. They might even be wearing a bunch of necklaces or earrings too. Over-accessorizing does not look cool.
  • Wearing running or athletic shoes anywhere and everywhere – there is a time and place to wear them. But if you’re somebody that’s wearing them all the time to look fresh, young, and super dope, you look like a super dork.

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