7 Mistakes Healthy Men NEVER Make!

October 26, 2022
Your health is your most valuable asset; you must protect it because your life depends on it. Today’s video is inspired and dedicated to a friend who recently passed away from a pulmonary embolism. He was 48 years old, shredded, and had an incredible body. He didn’t drink or smoke, but he made one critical mistake. I’m going to go over some mistakes that healthy men never make. Remember, just because you look good doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Want to be healthy long-term? Don’t Do any of these!

  1. Steroids. Do not take them. Do not sacrifice long-term health for momentary abs. You shouldn’t be taking anything that will mess with your hormone levels because long term, you don’t know what will happen. Just bust ass, eat right, and work out. You can have an incredible body without drugs.
  2. Crappy food. Occasionally, you can treat yourself. But if you’re eating a diet high in saturated fat, sodium, and toxic crap with sulfites, you will do a disservice to your health long-term. You’re also setting yourself up for an addiction to crap food. Take an active role in the foods you eat, ensuring you’re eating high quality. You will be amazed at how much healthier long-term you will be.
  3. Not taking a multivitamin. Fill your nutritional gaps with a high-quality multivitamin such as Ritual. Develop the habit of taking a multivitamin every day. Click over to Rital and get 20% off your first month of Ritual’s Essential for Men multivitamins 18+ and 50+.
  4. Not getting annual physicals. You must go to the doctor at least once a year to get blood work done. It doesn’t cost that much, and it’s easy to do. You’ll have a baseline to know if numbers get out of lack or change. If you just let it go or linger, you may find something wrong too late.
  5. Using or using too much. Healthy men do not drink too much and do not use drugs or smoke. These are stupid and horrible decisions. Driving drunk is also a recipe for disaster. Keep your alcohol consumption in check, and do not smoke weed regularly. Anything you’re inhaling into your lungs is terrible as the lungs are a delicate and sensitive organ.
  6. Unprotected sex. You need to wrap that little rascal. Do not set yourself up for an STD or unwanted pregnancy. Even if she’s on the pill, don’t believe the hype. It’s your job to protect yourself. Take it from me; I’m here because my parents tried the ‘withdrawal method’ of birth control.
  7. Bottling up emotions. You need to let your feelings out and talk about what’s happening inside. A lot of dudes are stoic and think they have to be strong. Men have been conditioned not to talk. But mentally healthy men talk about their issues and deal with what’s happening. You need to get it out so you can move forward.

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