10 Mistakes That Make You Look {AVERAGE}!

July 29, 2022
Do you want to be average looking? I don’t want to be average looking– I want to look amazing! Ordinary people are not kicking as much as they need to dominate in this life. Stop being average. Ensure your grooming, style, how you carry yourself, and smell are all on point to be perceived as the most attractive as possible. Men should care about what they look like to have all potential opportunities. So I’m going over a few mistakes that can take you from a 6 to an 11.5.

Blunders that make you appear ordinary

  1. Not growing out facial hair – if you can’t, that’s fine. But facial hair for men is the equivalent of makeup for women. Men just look better with facial hair.
  2. Clothes not fitting properly – I see men wearing clothes that are way too big and baggy. Next time you’re shopping, size down. Remember, you can always size up if you feel like a sausage.
  3. Not working out – dad bods are basic and boring. You don’t want to be skinny fat or have man boobs either. Take care of your body — and then your body will look better in clothing too!
  4. Not showing enough skin – unbutton enough to expose the top area of your chest and pecs. Also, the forearms are the sexiest part of the body, according to spicy señoritas. Make sure your sleeves aren’t too long or too short. Expose a little tricep action.
  5. Not accessorizing – accessories set men apart from other guys wearing the same clothing. I recommend a watch and also upping your belt game. My new camo belt with a gold buckle from Anson is the sexiest in history. It’s fun, fresh, and playful, and the cool thing is there are no holes. Special Anson Belt offer Get 6 possible belt combos for under $100.
  6. Shopping at the same average stores all the time –  if you are shopping at the same basic and boring stores, you’ll never push yourself stylistically.
  7. Dressing like your friends — take your style to the next level by combining different patterns.
  8. Smelling average – whether or not you’re wearing the same fragrance as everybody else or wearing a scent that you’ve worn for years, you need to step out of your fragrance box. Wear something that will give you more attitude and edge. Switch it up every once in a while. I recommend having four fragrances that you can rotate weekly.
  9. Weak body language – to be perceived as attractive, you must have effective nonverbal communication. Make eye contact, have a firm handshake, sit properly, and don’t be engaged on your phone.
  10. Not having a strong first 3-seconds — people make judgments about you in the first 3 seconds upon meeting you. All the nonverbal communication you exhibit is how people will perceive you.

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