99% of Attractive Guys Do This WRONG!

November 5, 2021
I have good and bad news — the good news is that you are incredibly good looking. But this brings me to the bad news — you are screwing the style pooch. But it’s not your fault because 99% of attractive dudes are making the SAME style mistakes! Small details make a huge difference, and a lot of these things that we are going to talk about are annoying little things that guys just don’t pay attention to. However, other points are more of a big deal. Keep in mind that they ALL make you look worse.

Common ‘Small Detail’ and ‘Big Deal’ Style Mistakes

  1. Shoulder nipples — I hate shoulder nipples because you’re all pumped to wear this particular shirt, then you put it on, you discover the shoulder nipples. To prevent this, fold your shirts and hang over a hanger.
  2. Pocket flare — this happens because your pants are too small or your booty & sausage are a bit bigger than average.  To fix this, size up to gain a little more room and allow your pockets to lay flat. The downside to sizing up is the waist not fitting properly. If you’re getting pocket flare from dress pants or slacks, take your pants to the tailor and let them take the seat out to give you more room.
  3. Problematic partial tuck — the partial tuck is sexy when done properly, but when it’s done wrong, it destroys the stylish and smooth aesthetic. You need to make it look like it casually just happened. Check out my demonstration.
  4. Neglected belt — first, some men think of their belt as an after-thought when actually your belt actually adds detail and dimension to your outfit. Also, belts that are scarred and marked with extra holes are not stylish. Opt for a trackless belt with micro-adjustments from Anson Belt & Buckle.
  5. Denim boner —  you get it when standing, but it gets worse when you sit down. Why does it happen? Your waist is too big in your pants (aka your waistband), so it bunches.
  6. Suit jacket button — when you have two buttons on your suit jacket, never ever button the bottom button.
  7. Not rocking a dimple — watch my demonstration for a quick and easy way to make a dimple in your tie each and every time. I typically go for a Windsor (there’s no such thing as a double Windsor).
  8. Sloppy sleeve rolls — chicks want to see your forearms; they think it’s next level sexy. But a roll that is whack is not attractive. I have the solution — check out my demonstration.
  9. Crazy little bows — most people tie their shoes with a crazy low that lays diagonal, and as they walk, the bow loosens. You need to flip the script, and follow my example of how to tie a perfect, secure bow.
  10. Not enough man cleavage — I am personally a huge advocate for showing a bit more cleavage and embracing your inner guido. Most of the time the shirt doesn’t doesn’t come wide open; rather, it’s a subtle draping that happens. Regardless, it’s an elevated aesthetic.

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