Psychological Trick to Make Girls ALWAYS Say “YES”! Open Loop Method Revealed

April 14, 2023
Today Marni will go over a method to get a woman to say ‘yes’ to anything you ask. It works for everybody, but it’s even better when you do it with a woman. But first, you have to attract the woman that you want.

Open loops

The method uses open loops by presenting an idea and leaving it open and vague so that somebody jumps on board. When someone hears something exciting left open, they’ll lean in. They’ll ask for more information; at this point, they have semi-bought into the idea. When the guy looking for threesomes did this with women, 90% of the women would say yes.

You could start with, “You know what would be interesting?” or “You know what would be really fun?” Leave the idea open (and the idea doesn’t have to be about sex). You could do something like, “When we meet tomorrow for the first time, let’s not say a single word to each other and just hug.” It can be as simple as that. Or you could do something like, “You know it would be really fun? Tomorrow, we could go for donuts.” It’s just something that gets people to buy into a concept.

Why open loops work

It’s all about leaving the idea open and vague. Open loops make people curious, are engaging, and make the other person want to know. They get people to bite, are a pattern-interrupt, and trigger the primal brain.

Marni’s friend Adam started applying this to his dating life. He would start by saying he has an interesting idea. The woman would want to know more, and then he would ask for whatever he wanted. Once, he asked his date to take her panties off under the table and slide them across to him before leaving the restaurant. She did it.

Open loops may not work for continuous conversation, but they can get a person’s attention because it’s out of the norm and incomplete. The brain is left to fill in the gaps, which is intoxicating. People can’t help but want to jump on and see what’s going on.

Playful disqualification

Even if they say no, it’s a great way to start a conversation, try again, or say something slightly different. Playful disqualification could also be used at this point. “That’s okay. I can see we’re not right for each other anyway.” Playful disqualification is disqualifying someone based on something they said: “You can’t be with me/I can’t be with you because of your opinion/something that you said.”

Make sure it’s light, not serious, and playful so the other person knows you’re being playful. Flirting, teasing, and sexual escalation must have that playfulness attached, or it will never come across.

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