My Plan to Find a NEW Girlfriend

February 25, 2024
I received an email from Brian the other day asking me what I would do to meet a spicy senorita if I were single. My plan is all about exposure and getting out there. It’s about doing different things and taking care of yourself. Present the best package possible, and you will only be single for a short time. Here’s how.
  • Join a gym. I want to stay in shape because the gym helps my body, mind, and confidence. But also, spicy senoritas are all over the gym. I would also join a yoga studio.
  • Get a haircut by a woman. I will go to a salon and have a woman stylist cut my hair. I am surrounded by women stylists every day, and they are always looking for a good man. I would choose a higher-end salon with higher quality caliber stylists. These salons may be more pricey, but a different level of women will surround you. Many stylists are single, but they also have single clients and friends. It’s a great place to network and also get your hair done.
  • Fill your social calendar. I would pack my social calendar full, including going out on weekends, finding out what my friends are doing, and not being afraid to go to a restaurant or bar alone. Talk to the bartender and start to network, make some mingle, and get social.
  • Talk to everyone. I would give compliments and work on my social skills regarding small talk. Become comfortable making random conversations with random people, so when you see somebody you’re interested in, you can pull the trigger and not stumble on your words. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.
  • Grab the dating kit. I would hit the link and grab this Pete & Pedro dating deal. Get 1 Cologne, FREE Fresh Deodorant, and FREE Fresh Ball Powder for $50 (retails $84). Smell amazing!
  • Clean your living spaces. I would clean my car, my house, and my room. Your place needs to smell good and be clean.
  • Update your social media. Ensure all bad pictures are gone, and systematically orchestrate a more seductive social media presence. Choose photographs that accentuate your positive features and are more provocative. Post all the fun things you’re going out and doing, which will send a psychological message that you are entertaining and somebody to be with.
  • Stop watching p***. P”** will rob you of your motivation. You’ll become more horny and want to get more action.
  • Take a deep dive into your job, career, or side hustle. Success is attractive. You can also change your job, where you are exposed to different people, including women, and your environment has changed. Join me in the White Label Mpire Community for a supportive, interactive, and informative environment to help build your side hustle.
  • Be the best version of yourself. Focus on your mind. Perhaps go to therapy and deal with issues and baggage. Surround yourself with people that love you and support you. Make sure the people around you are uplifting.
  • Volunteer. Look for opportunities to help other people. You can do this on the weekends, and it feels incredible to give back.

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