10 Popular Brands That Are a Total RIP-OFF {IMO}

February 16, 2023
I have two disclaimers before I get started. First, everything I’m about to say about these brands is my personal opinion. Second, everything is subjective. What I find valuable may be different than what you find valuable. I’m not saying that these brands are bad or evil or that you shouldn’t wear them. I’m just saying that I personally feel they’re a bit of a rip-off. So not only will I tell you why they’re a bit of a rip-off, but I’m also going to give you a better option that’s more affordable and of higher quality.

I also want to comment that cost per wear is a great way to look at value. I may buy something expensive, but if I’m going to have it for years and wear it a lot, the cost per wear for that item is low. But if I buy something less expensive and only wear it a few times, the cost per wear can be high. Meaning, it’s better to buy the more premium item because you’ll be able to wear it for a lot longer (and a lot more), so the wear cost is better. For example, premium brands charge hundreds of dollars for pairs of jeans. They’re a bit of a rip-off. BUT, if you find a pair of jeans that you love, that fits you, and that you’re going to wear all the time, the cost per wear is more affordable (better value).

Don’t get ripped off by the big ten!

  1. Zara and Top Man. Zara’s clothing looks good, and the fit is okay, but the quality for the price that they’re charging is sh!t. With Top Man, it’s fast fashion, the quality is horrible, and the price isn’t inexpensive. Better alternatives include H&M and Forever 21. The stores are similar in quality, fit, and styling, but the prices are more affordable.
  2. Aldo. I used to love Aldo when I was first getting into style, and it’s where I would look for some cool and badass designs. But the quality before was much higher than it is now, and the price is still not inexpensive. The construction is terrible, with horrible materials glued together. This is also the case with Macy’s brands; the quality has gotten so poor. I recently went to DSW, and my head almost exploded from their lack of quality. Opt for Thursday Boot instead. The quality and construction are there, they use premium materials, and they sell for the same price. From boots to minimal leather sneakers, they have an insane selection with crazy quality.
  3. John Varvatos. I like the style of the clothing, but I don’t like the price for the quality you’re getting. You can find the same quality for one of their $1,000 jackets at Thursday Boot. Thursday Boot is even better than All Saints — and you know I’m an All Saints fan.
  4. Louis Vuitton. A lot of Louis Vuitton that you see people carrying is fake because Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeit products out there. If you opt for the real one, you’re going to spend thousands of dollars for something that isn’t even leather. It’s literally canvas wrapped in plastic. A lot of other brands make excellent wallets and bags that are super crazy high quality and are all leather.
  5. Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga. People are getting caught up in these big hyped-up brands. They are losing their minds over trendy items they will not wear after 6 months. If you only wear it once, maybe three times, that’s a rip-off.
  6. Men’s Wearhouse, Joseph A Bank. These are rip-offs. The quality could be better, and the price is high for everything they sell, including shirts, shoes, and suits. When you visit Macy’s, you’ll see the quality of their suits is not there, and the price is high. So check out Suitsupply, which you can’t beat the quality and price. Their aesthetic, fit, fabric, and construction can’t be touched.
  7. Versace. Hugo Boss. They need to be higher in quality for what you’re paying, so they are not worth it.
  8. Omega. These watches are not worth the price they are charging. One indicator is that the used or pre-owned is half the price you could buy in the store. The watches are pretty sick but are overpriced. During the pandemic, people were getting totally ripped off because pre-owned inventory was low, so people were getting caught in the hype and spending way too much.
  9. Calvin Klein, Tommy John. Pretty much any super premium luxury underwear is a rip-off. They look good, but many better options are available that are high quality and more affordable. Sheath underwear is incredible with a dual chamber pouch, making your junk look gigantic. They’re not cheap, but they’re less expensive than some of the premium brands. I still like Me Undies, which are a little bit lower quality, but the price isn’t as crazy.
  10. Polo, Lacoste. The quality isn’t there, and the price is really high for what you’re getting. To get the best for your polo buck, opt for H&M, which makes a decent polo for the price. The fit is good too. You’ll not wear them for 20 years because they’ll wear out, however.

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