10 Popular Trends That Are NOT Cool! {ANYMORE}

December 8, 2021
It’s time for you to stop wearing these ‘popular’ trends that are not cool anymore. There was a very short window when these items were actually stylish. Unfortunately, that window has slammed shut. They’re not stylish anymore, and if you’re wearing them, you’re making some style mistakes.

Men’s trends that aren’t stylish!

  1. Super pointy boots and shoes — these are out of style just like square toed boots and shoes. Also, the dad shoe is a no-go — don’t even consider those big, bulk, clunky, ugly sneakers.
  2. Distressed jeans — and if you combine that with skinny jeans, are you kidding me!?!? Distressed looks like you are trying too hard, and the super tight denim looks like leggings.
  3. Big, baggy, oversized everything — this goes for oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants. Nobody looks good in them. Choose items that you look sexy wearing, like my athleisure from Public Rec.
  4. Crossbody fanny pack — no matter how you shake it, it’s never going to be a crossbody bag. It’s always going to be a fanny pack.
  5. Basic boxy leather jackets — they are boring! Upgrade your leather game.
  6. Brand flexing — wearing tee shirts or clothing with a big brand logos is tacky.
  7. Blinged watches — they are gaudy and nasty. I love nice watches, including cheap watches, but not overly iced out or blinged up versions.
  8. Face tattoos and face piercings — also nasty gauges. The truth is, whether fair or not, people are going to judge you, and if you have any of these, you are not going to be taken seriously.
  9. Elongated tees — your proportions look super weird because they cover your crotch.
  10. Overly bright and bold crazy colors/patterns — whether a suit or sweatshirt or anything in between, they are ugly. A pop of color is good or even a splash of pattern. But I do feel monochromatic looks are not only going to make you look better and sexier, but they’re also going to be more timeless.

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