13 Phrases That Make You 92% MORE Attractive {SAY THIS}

July 24, 2023
You can automatically make yourself less attractive when you are rude to a server or say something ignorant or insensitive, like a racial slur. If you use a lot of filler words, that’s also not sexy. If you constantly curse and use profanity, you’ll automatically be viewed as less attractive. But on the flip side, you can raise your attraction level by saying or texting certain psychological tricks. It’s not that you’re manipulating a person, but you are definitely having them perceive you as more attractive.

A lot of times, things are left unsaid. When you stop your busy life and let others know how you feel, you will be viewed as more attractive while making them feel incredible. It’s time to stop and let the people that you love, like, and or want to be friends with know how you feel. You’ll feel great because you gave a compliment, but you will also make the other person feel good at the same time. We all could use a feel-good moment.

Powerful attraction-building phrases to say or text

  1. I appreciate you. A lot of people struggle with feeling like they are not appreciated. So, it’s incredibly powerful if you go out of your way to let others know that you appreciate them.
  2. I admire you. Whether or not you send this as a text or tell somebody to their face, it’s powerful.
  3. You are beautiful as a person. Some people are told their whole life that they’re hot, pretty, or sexy. But when you compliment them for the person they are, you’re addressing their spirit and soul along with their personality. It’s incredibly powerful and attractive.
  4. You have great energy. This is powerful because it’s an attribute that you can’t necessarily put your finger on. People with good energy are infectious, happy, positive, and radiating amazingness. This phrase will make them appreciate you.
  5. Regardless of what happens, I’m there for you. Many times we feel down or have times when things are going wrong. So when you let someone know you will be there for them regardless of what happens, you’re letting them know you’re their ride-or-die and friend.
  6. You’re such a strong person. Complimenting somebody’s mental toughness or strength is more powerful than complimenting their physical attributes for possessions. This phrase goes deep into their character, mental toughness, and ability to adapt.
  7. I’m so proud of you. Follow it up with what exactly you’re proud of.
  8. You smell amazing. Complimenting someone wearing an amazing fragrance will make them feel good and more confident. Pete & Pedro smell amazing deal: get 1 Cologne + 1 Fresh Deodorant + 1 Fresh Ball Powder for $50 (retails $84). Must use the link and code on the page.
  9. I admire your ambition and drive. You acknowledge and identify that somebody is ambitious, making them feel good. They will feel like all of the work they have put in has been worthwhile.
  10. I totally understand how you’re feeling, and I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. When somebody confides in you or tells you something that they’re dealing with, letting them know you empathize and sympathize is powerful.
  11. Honestly, I think you’re amazing, but I really feel like we should be friends. You’re telling somebody you’re not feeling it and lessening the blow to avoid leading somebody on. Reciprocally, even if you want to be with them, this phrase will send a subliminal message that you are better than them or not interested, making them automatically view you as extra attractive.
  12. No. Saying no to somebody trying to get you to do something you don’t want to do or trying to get you to self-destruct is powerful, but it takes practice. Have the ability to say no when somebody does not have your best interest in mind.
  13. I just want you to know how much I respect you. This is digging into their brain, which they will love you because you feel and respect them.

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