How to PROPERLY Wear Rings as a Man

December 19, 2022
As far as men’s style accessories, rings are one of my all-time favorites. Not only are they attractive accessories, but they help draw attention to your hands, a man’s most attractive body part, according to women. Rings are also an incredible way to express your individual style. With that, I will go over some ring-wearing tips to follow.

The inspiration for the video comes from my new wedding band. I saw a wedding band on this dude and asked him where he got it. He got it from a company called Thorum, and the ring was actually meteorite. I became obsessed after scrolling Thorum’s website. I ordered four rings because I couldn’t choose.

Guide to rocking men’s rings

Make sure your nails and cuticles are not nasty and messed up. Also, dab Vaseline on your nails and cuticles to soften and condition them. Your nails will also get a bit of shine.

Know what material you’re buying. In the past, the material was pretty simple, with a choice of silver or gold. But now, the selection is unlimited such as silicone, dinosaur bone, whiskey barrel, gun rifle stock, tungsten, Damascus steel, and more. It boils down the personal preference, as there is no right or wrong. Find a material that resonates with you.

Mixing metals is okay. In the old days, mixing metals was a bigger deal. Now, watches and rings may combine different metals. Not only is mixing metals totally appropriate, but it’s a great way to add another layer of depth and dimension to your accessory game.

Ring size should correspond with the size of your finger. You can find rings ranging from big, bold, and bulky to more subtle and minimal. If you have small, thin fingers, you want to avoid wearing big, bulky rings. Your hands and fingers will look smaller and more dainty, so you want to go with something more subtle and refined. You can never go wrong with an 8 mm ring; it’s masculine but not over-the-top huge. This size will work for any finger. If you have bigger hands, go a bit thicker and more prominent, like a signet ring, class ring, or cigar band ring. Visit a local jewelry store to get sized for free.

Balance the number of rings you wear per hand. You can never go wrong with a single ring on both hands. If you want to rock a second ring on a hand, you are always welcome; however, any more than that, you’re getting outside of the box. Some guys wearing multiple rings, such as five rings for a hand, can look like a big badass or a humongous dumbass.

Symbolic representation of what each finger means has changed over the years. Pinky rings were incredibly common, and stacking rings is common in some cultures. If you’re not married, the number one finger to wear a ring is your right ring finger. Thumbs are tricky, and I’m not a fan of thumb rings. They look a bit trashy and douchey (but so are earrings on a 46-year-old dude).

The price of your ring depends on your budget. Buying higher-quality rings is an investment. My first expensive ring was $350, and I wore it so much that it split. I got it at the Los Angeles airport in 2003 after I got kicked off the TV show Fear Factor. It was the most expensive thing I had ever purchased for myself, and I knew it was a lifetime opportunity with an incredible story. I wore it until it snapped, and I thought about getting it fixed, but I realized it served its purpose. It has a great story, and it’s now retired. That’s when I got my signet ‘M’ Ring, made by melting down metal from my grandparents.

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