10 Reasons Older Women Are BETTER Than Younger Women!

October 18, 2021
My wife is actually a cougar because she rocked the cradle with me. I am a young stud!  In regard to dating an older sassy senorita, there are some upsides and some downsides. You should hope to find somebody that you can kick it with and that you love being with. Beauty and looks will fade, so make sure that you’re not only attracted to her physically, but also emotionally and mentally as well. Now, here are the pros and cons of dating an older woman.

Upsides of dating older women

  1. She’ll appreciate your sexy studliness more than a younger girl — she’s used to dating her own age or older (think saggy), so she’s seen it all. When you come along, she’ll feel better about herself, and she’ll appreciate you. It’s science!
  2. She understands her body better and is more comfortable than younger women — she’s comfortable in her own skin.
  3. She’s more confident and secure with who she is — she’s dealt with insecurities of being younger. Again, she’s comfortable in her own skin.
  4. She’s gotten a lot of the party-girl out of her system — she’s older and wiser. Getting wasted is behind her.
  5. She is friskier in the bedroom — she’s ready to pounce. If you don’t think you can’t handle it, get your ED managed.
  6. She’s probably not interested in having kids — she may want them in the future, but she may just want to hang-out.
  7. She is more financially stable than her younger counterparts — she is more responsible with money and has an established job/career.
  8. She doesn’t play games — she tells you what she wants and when she wants it. You know if she likes you.
  9. She has more to say and is a better conversationalist — this is important!
  10. You have fantasized about it since you were aged 12 — again, it’s science!

Potential downsides of dating older women

  1. Her having kids may be a potential downside — the kids are her priority, as they should be.
  2. She may not be interested in having more kids — you may decide you want kids later on, but she may not be able to or not want to.
  3. She will age — as time goes on, her body and face will not look like someone your own age.
  4. She may be more mature than you  — she may act like your mother if you’re not emotionally mature. That’s not healthy.
  5. She may have lots of baggage — the older you get, the more baggage you accumulate.

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