Make a Woman CRAVE You {6 Psychological Mind Games}

November 28, 2023
When I decided to film this video, I told my wife about some psychological tricks I would relay to you. She told me not to do it because she was concerned that I would be responsible for breaking a bunch of hearts and upsetting a lot of women. That doesn’t matter because I want all of you to get whatever you want. That being said, I’m going to go over some psychological tricks to make a woman crave you. These psychological tricks will make her desire, crave, and obsess over you.

Make her crave you like a crackhead.

  1. Stop trying to impress. One of the men’s most prominent mistakes is trying to impress instead of being present. When you try to impress somebody, they can sense it. They can tell you’re trying to be something you’re not or acting a certain way. This can come across as needy and desperate like you don’t have something better or other options. Just be present and have a great conversation. Believe you are fantastic. I want you to repeat after me, “I am awesome. I am the catch.” Say it again and again. Say this repeatedly in your head when you’re talking to somebody and they’re communicating with you. When you do this, you will change your perceptions. You will stop being desperate and trying to impress.
  2. Wait 5 minutes. Do not respond too quickly when she texts you. A lot of guys are overly eager and anxious. They make themselves too available. Wait and hold back by pushing it down. When you wait, she will build up a scenario in which you’re busy with somebody else, not liking her, and so on. When you don’t respond, she’ll get more excited and say yes to anything you want to do.
  3. Less is more. Kissing is incredibly powerful and seductive. It can hook a woman instantly when you kiss her for the first time, and sparks & magic happen. She will absolutely be craving more. But to be a fantastic kisser, less is more. Do not be super forceful or wet. Don’t use a lot of tongue or try to jam your tongue down her throat. It’s playful banter, nibbling, and pulling back. Grab her face, touch her head, and control the situation to drive her wild with desire and anticipation.
  4. Be better in bed. You do not have to have a gigantic sausage to be exceptional in bed. Most women don’t care that much about the size as much as performance. Make sure you throw everything you learned from the movies out the window. Seduction is the key that starts before you enter the bedroom by building anticipation and excitement through text, words, touches, and caresses. Squeeze her booty, whisper in her ear, and nibble on her ear. Don’t rush things, and take it slow. Try Joy Mode, my secret weapon, to make it unbelievably hard, firm, and bigger. It’s an all-natural sexual performance booster with epic ingredients.
  5. Take control. Be a man. I’m not saying you can’t be manly if you’re a little feminine, but being manly is a mindset and mentality. Don’t fall apart; be competent, confident, self-assured, and self-reliant. Being a man doesn’t mean that you need to act super tough. Be vulnerable, able to talk about things, and be in touch with your emotions. However, don’t always constantly cry or coerce her to communicate and talk with you. She needs to feel a connection. If you can rock with her, you’ll be rocking with her more often.
  6. Get what you want. Take it, don’t ask, don’t contemplate, don’t beat around the bush. This is one of the most attractive things if you can tell her you’re going to take her out, that you’re going to do this, that you’re going to pick her up at 5:00 p.m., that you’re ready and have plans. Most dudes are wishy-washy and unsure.

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