8 Male Facial Feature Women CAN’T Resist {RANKED}

August 30, 2023
The University of Kent in the UK did a research project that took different faces and ranked them with face mapping technology to measure various points on people’s faces to pinpoint what makes faces attractive based on eight characteristics. Today, I will review those characteristics and discuss their findings. I’m also going to advise how to maximize the handsomeness and attractiveness of your face.
  1. Face shape. If you have an oval face shape, congratulations! You are viewed as the most attractive face shape. Oval face shapes are average and symmetrical. The more average your face and facial features are, the more attractive you’re perceived. When we look at a face, our mind has difficulty putting together different odd pieces. So if your face is even and easy, you’re viewed as more attractive to other people psychologically. Regardless, you can maximize your face shape’s aesthetic of your choice of hairstyle, glasses, and facial hair. I describe each in the video.  Your skin is often overlooked in these studies, but it’s one of the features that will instantly make you more attractive regardless of your face shape or structure. That is one of the reasons I started Tiege Hanley. I wanted a better, simplified skincare system I could use with high-quality products that are effective without spending hundreds of dollars monthly. Each system contains the core for products, including wash, scrub, and moisturizers.
  2. Eyebrows. Eyebrows can instantly change your looks. According to data, men with medium-thickness eyebrows that are straight with curved ends are viewed as the most attractive. Even though your brows are based on genetics, you can maximize your eyebrow attractiveness by maintaining the most natural-looking brow possible by not over-plucking or making them too thin. Pluck with tweezers to clean up the little hairs underneath, but don’t make them too thin. Check out my demonstration of where your brows should start and stop to look their best.
  3. Eyes. Blue, oval-shaped eyes are revealed as the most attractive, but you don’t have to have blue eyes. Don’t wear contacts, but instead, rock the eyes you have — just as long as your whites are white.
  4. Nose. A medium-length straight nose is what research noted, but that’s boring. Women say a big nose is sexy. But if your nose is something you’re insecure about, reduce the amount of oil or shine to make it look smaller, as it will not reflect as much light. You can also reduce your core size using Biore strips to make your nose look smaller. You could also use Scrub by Tiege Hanley to keep your pores open and clean, no matter your nose size. Everyone must treat and remove blackheads, blemishes, and oil because they’re nasty.
  5. Lips. Average lips are what research said. Whatever, that is stupid. One pro tip: keep your lips kissably soft so they’re not cracked and crusty by adding a dab of Vaseline before you go to bed nightly.
  6. Jawline. Research shows that a square jaw is sexy. Everybody knows that, and it doesn’t take rocket science or face-mapping technology to know that. If you don’t have an angular jaw, do not edge your beard wrong. You will appear to have a double chin if you’re carving up underneath into the neck fat meat. Even if you have a double chin, it must be covered to help strengthen your jaw. Reduce the amount of subcutaneous water you’re retaining in your face. Drink at least one gallon of lemon water a day, which the lemon is a natural diuretic. Another step is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and salt you consume to make your jaw look stronger and more angular.
  7. Hair color. The hair color that is viewed as most attractive is brown. Most men start to thin or lose their hair by age 30, so if you’re still rocking a nice hairline, congratulations. If your hairline is beginning to recede, don’t hide it. Embrace it. If you’re going bald, roll with it. If you don’t want to, go to Bosley to help stop hair loss or regain your natural hair.
  8. Facial symmetry. Research demonstrates the more symmetric your face, the more attractive you’re perceived. Facial hair, hairstyle, and glasses can offset asymmetry by helping to balance. Research reveals that if your face is perfectly symmetrical, you’re more attractive. The truth is that 99.99% of faces are not symmetrical, so what does the study even know?!

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