9 Things a Real Man NEVER Does… EVER!

December 29, 2023
A big set of balls and a Big Al does not make you a man. It makes you a male. A man is built through his actions, habits, and his character. So today, I will cover a few things that a man never does.

A REAL man …

  1. Doesn’t worry about what other people are doing. A man stays in his lane and doesn’t worry about other people’s actions. He’s busy worrying and focusing on himself to make himself the best possible man he can be.
  2. Doesn’t talk about other people. He is also not jealous. Many times, somebody with more than you didn’t have an advantage or was lucky. It is that that they were willing to do things that you weren’t.
  3. Handles his business and responsibilities. This goes for his children as well. If a man gets a woman pregnant and then is, “Deuces, I’m out,” he’s a horrible human being. He needs to handle his business.
  4. Doesn’t ask for handouts. A man doesn’t wait for somebody to knock on his door and deliver money, success, or anything. He goes after it and doesn’t sit back and wait. He doesn’t beg. He’s also not a simp. He doesn’t beg for attention because he’s secure and confident. He doesn’t kiss people’s asses.
  5. Doesn’t waste time. Time is one of your most valuable assets. It is very precious. Unfortunately, many men wait to start a business, get a better job, ask out that spicy senorita, or better themselves. Think about where you would be today if you started doing whatever it was when you thought about it. Think about where you were five years ago, six years ago, seven years ago — where you would be today if you had started then. The sooner you open your eyes and accomplish your dreams, the better. I can help you with a blueprint, which is free. If you want more information, I have a course in a community that you can join with a one-time fee with no membership or subscription.
  6. Doesn’t allow himself to be broke. I used to be broke, and I can tell you from the experience that I wasn’t living my dream. When you’re worried about money, it’s hard to be confident. If you need to get a second or third job or start a side hustle, you must do what it takes not to be broke. If it means driving a crappy car or living in your parent’s basement for a while, get yourself out of debt and financially free. Financial freedom also means not having all your eggs in one basket, which is one of the worst things people can do. You need multiple income streams and invest your extra cash into things that will pay you dividends or distribution for a passive income.
  7. Doesn’t neglect his body. Your body is your most valuable asset, so protect it by eating right, not abusing drugs or alcohol, and working out. You need to lift heavy, which is a must if you consider yourself a man because your body needs strength.
  8. Doesn’t neglect his grooming and style. Your image is your brand, and in the first three seconds upon meeting somebody, an opinion is formed, whether good or bad. You have 100% control over your image. Ensure you’re well groomed, smell incredible, and dress with intention and purpose. People are attracted to attractive people.

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