7 Rules {Good Looking} Guys ALWAYS Follow … That UGLY Dudes DON’T!

November 19, 2021
It never fails! Whenever I record a video talking about tips or tricks to be more attractive, I always see a comment that says, “Just don’t be ugly.” Well, there are 7 rules that good-looking guys always follow that ugly dudes don’t — and it doesn’t matter if you have genetically amazing features or bone structure. If you follow these rules, you will be good looking.

Attractive dudes are always …

  1. Dressing with purpose — it doesn’t matter if you have man boobs, a spare tire, love handles, or a beat-up face, wear clothing that makes you look incredible. Clothing is visual smoke and mirrors, which lets other people know how you feel about yourself. If you dress with intention, people are going to notice, respect you more, and perceive you as more attractive.  You will ultimately have more opportunities because of the confidence you develop.
  2. Smiling — people that smile are automatically perceived as warmer and more charming. It’s a secret weapon that you have to start tossing out, giving, and delivering. You will connect with people better, quicker, and more effectively. Make sure to whiten your teeth (simple bleaching strips from the store will do fine) to have a better smile.
  3. Maintaining a solid grooming routine — this regimen includes your face AND body. Don’t rock a big monster man bush, make sure your toenails aren’t nasty, manage your nose hair, and shave your face (if you have a beard, do not up your boundary under your neck!).
  4. Smelling amazing — The study by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science demonstrated that men who wore fragrance deodorant reported higher confidence and self-esteem. Women also viewed them as more attractive. The researchers concluded that these men felt more confident, thus, the women viewed them as better looking. The takeaway is that the more attention you pay to the way you smell, the more you will be received as attractive because you will feel better about yourself and have higher confidence levels.
  5. Being kind and courteous — treat people with respect. Nothing will make you uglier than being rude, ignorant, and disrespectful to others.
  6. Making it happen — being super motivated, goal-oriented, and pursuing his dreams makes a man more attractive.
  7. Understanding that their bodies are their temples-– take better care of your body by putting in the work. When you start paying attention to food quality and exercising, your body will look better, your mind & attitude will soar, and your confidence will go through the roof. When you like the person looking back at you in the mirror, you understand that you bring value to the world.

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