7 Rules “HOT” Guys BREAK … That You Should Too!

November 25, 2021
The other day, I received an email from one of our friends, in which he asked if I agree with another YouTuber’s advice. This other YouTuber said that men shouldn’t wear leather jackets after the age of 40, and since I am 45 and wear leather jackets all the time, this ‘advice’ got me thinking if she’s an idiot or if I’m the idiot. Nope, I am not the idiot. With that said, I’m going over some style rules that stylish men break — that you should break too!

The fashionable male follows these guidelines

  1. Don’t dress your age — as I have been getting a bit older, I have been thinking about the concept of ‘age appropriate.’ What does it mean? Does it mean that once you hit a certain arbitrary age that you can’t wear certain items? Well, stylish guys are breaking age appropriate rules. If you want to wear it and it makes you feel good, do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Rock whatever the hell you want and don’t worry. This goes for younger dudes who want to dress-up a bit, such as wear a suit. It’s your life and style, so own it.
  2. Wear brown and black together — it will result in super badass color combinations that everyone else won’t be doing. Check out my combinations.
  3. Create triceps and forearm exposure — (a) expose the triceps because if your sleeves are too long, your arms will look itty bitty; show 60% from the top of your shoulder down to the bend. (b) Expose the larger part of your forearm because women find forearms sexy. So, with long sleeves, you want 70% by getting the sleeve past the lower portion of the forearm.
  4. Show man cleavage — if you want to upgrade and elevate your attraction game when wearing a button-up, unbutton three buttons.
  5. Wear at least three accessories — never leave home without wearing at least three. For me, my main accessories are a watch, ring, and sunglasses.
  6. Aim to overdress — utilize nicer clothes and dress-up regardless of where you’re going. You will set yourself apart from everyone else. Wear a suit to more than just formal functions; dress your suit down by ditching the tie.
  7. Never let women pick out your clothes — your style is your responsibility. Do not leave it to anyone else because you need to love what you wear. Own your style and grooming, including your signature scent. Create a pleasing aesthetic.

Badass shades

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