#1 Secret to Attract Women WITHOUT Speaking {93% Success Rate}!

April 28, 2023
How do you attract a woman without speaking? Marni is back in the Alpha M house and has a good solution. If you start thinking of this as a game for yourself, you won’t be as intimidated by it. The more you can practice this, the better because your comfort levels will increase. Marni is going to teach you how to now.

The Magical Duo for Creating Attraction

Attracting somebody without speaking starts with open body language and good facial gestures with eye contact, which are both powerful and easy.

  1. Focus on the woman, but not too intense. Practice in the mirror daily for about 5 minutes to learn to do this successfully. You’re seeing beyond her face with a sparkle in your eyes.
  2. Couple that with putting a smirk on your face, which is a half smile like George Clooney. These two things alone are magical for creating attraction.

Open Body Language & Beyond

You should also have open body language. So many guys are covering up their bodies, making them appear uncomfortable and nervous. Have your chest open, even your legs. The more you close yourself off, the more you project that to people. 

You’re instantly drawn in when you see somebody walk into a room with a smirk on their face, good eye contact, and open body language. One of the current problems with cell phones is that people are walking around focused downward instead of with their heads up, shoulders back, and chests up. When you go into a room, put your phone away. Don’t have it in your hand. You will look more confident and have more opportunities to talk to people because you are not using your phone as a crutch. People will engage.

Time to Practice

EXERCISE 1: Try this exercise called Eye Contact Chicken. Make eye contact with 5 to 10 people daily, not looking away before they look away. When people are down on their phones, you can trigger them by asking, “Hey! How’s your day?” They’ll look up; you must hold that eye contact before they look away. It will feel super cool. The more practice, the better for you because eye contact becomes easy. You will be ahead of 90% of men.

EXERCISE 2: Work that ‘fear muscle’ by going outside of your comfort zone. Ask for 10% off whenever you’re purchasing something. Sometimes you may get it, but it’s about something other than the discount. It’s about getting rejected after asking for something which is not comfortable. This works that fear muscle.

At the end of the day, style and grooming do matter. During those first 5 seconds, what a woman sees is super important. You don’t need to be a model with abs of steel, but you do need to look like you take care of yourself, which means you can take care of her.

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