7 SEXY Men’s Hairstyles That Girls LOVE!

September 13, 2021
We’ve seen a drastic shift in men’s hairstyles in the last two years, including length and the amount of time styling. It makes sense because barbershops were closed or people didn’t feel comfortable going to the salon. These NEW 2021 styles are dynamite — fresh and casual. They’ll let you step out of your hairstyle box too.

The sexiest men’s hairstyles of 2021

  1. French crew — it’s a modified Caesar cut, a bit messy and all about texture.
  2. Killer curls — men are no longer trying to straighten their curls, but instead, they now embrace the natural texture of their locks. Use argan oil or a leave-in conditioner.
  3. Buzz cut or short crew — it’s amazing and looks incredible. It’s perfect for dudes who don’t want to mess with hair and/or product or are balding.
  4. Medium length casual flow — hair grown a bit longer, but it has to go through an awkward stage.
  5. Side part — it’s one of the most perfect hairstyles and is timeless. It works with most lengths as well. It’s quick and easy; check out my Alpha M. hair part hack.
  6. Pompadour — more volume is on the top, and it’s a versatile hairstyle (tight, long, natural, bald). My pro tip for styling is to use a pre-styler (like a sea salt spray) to give lift and volume.
  7. Long hair — Jason Momoa is who we think of in regard to this hairstyle. It’s badass and sexy with typically a center part. Try a man bun with long hair. Use an argan oil for nourishment and shine as well as sea salt spray to calm frizz. A leave-in conditioner is another option.


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