The ONLY 6 Shirts a Stylish Man NEEDS in His Wardrobe!

November 21, 2022
To operate your wardrobe efficiently and effectively, don’t have a bunch of clutter or items you don’t like to wear in your arsenal. I do a significant purging twice a year and remove clothing I haven’t worn in the past 6-months. I do this in the fall and the spring, and I did my annual fall purging last weekend and analyzed the shirts I am gravitating towards. Today I want to review the six shirts every stylish man needs to look amazing. These shirts will put you in a position where you will always have something amazing to wear regardless of the situation or event.

Always look amazing with one of these shirt choices

  1. Perfectly tailored white dress shirt. No matter the age, this is a shirt that every guy needs. A crisp and clean white tailored dress shirt is the perfect blank canvas to wear underneath all of your suits. But you have to make sure it fits you flawlessly. I recommend having one made for you. The first time I slipped on a tailored dress shirt built for me, it was almost like a religious experience. I felt better and was more confident. Off-the-rack dress shirts are big and boxy, and due to today’s technology, you can build custom dress shirts at almost the same price as off-the-rack.
  2. Lightweight v-neck sweater. Gray is one of my favorites, but navy blue is also incredibly versatile. The lightweight v-neck sweater looks great solo, but you can also layer it over a collared shirt. You can dress down a suit by wearing the v-neck sweater with the pants, but reciprocally, you can also dress up a pair of chinos or jeans. Keep in mind that you want to avoid a visible undershirt. I recommend a wife-beater tank top or a v-neck that is deep enough not to be seen.
  3. Long sleeve polo-style sweater. This shirt is incredibly versatile, and you can dress it up or down. It’s the winter or fall version of the short sleeve polo shirt.
  4. Three-button Henley. It is the most perfect casual shirt for men. It looks incredible paired with jeans, and you can dress it up, too, for a badass aesthetic. This shirt will make you look sexy and masculine. The placket will draw eyes down, making shoulders appear broader. It will simultaneously also make your face look more angular. I have many colors, but I love black or white solid. I recommend softer and muted tones instead of bright colors, as muted tones make you look brighter and more vibrant.
  5. Well-fitting hoodie. All hoodies are not created equal; some are big, boxy, and baggy, while some have logos and writing on them and/or a kangaroo pouch. Upgrade your hoodie to a sleeker, more sexy version that will look much more stylish when you’re out in joggers running around or even at the gym. Cuts hoodies are flawless, with pockets on the side. The hyperloop fabric is incredibly comfortable and stretchy.
  6. Casual button-up. I love the rich texture of a denim shirt or what is called chambray. A version with a pattern and texture creates an interesting look. If you’re wearing an unbuttoned shirt, you want to ensure that it hits the mid-crotch; you don’t want the shirt length hanging too low. Dress shirts are designed to be longer, so you can tuck them in and not have them tucked. Another casual button-up that I love is flannel shirts. They look amazing as a top layer or over a tee shirt, long-sleeve tee shirt, or a Henley. It adds versatility and layering to your wardrobe.

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