7 Social Skills All Men Must Develop in Their 20s

July 26, 2023
If you learn to connect with others, you are at an incredible advantage. The truth is most of the skills we are taught as men are systemized, structured, and measured hard skills. But the soft skills that make us good with people and socially adapt are what will set us apart from others and move us forward in life. These social skills you need to master as soon as possible, but the sooner, the better.
  1. Emotional intelligence. You need to develop EI at an early age, or else you never truly understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and to be in touch with what’s happening inside. As a result, you’ll act out and do self-destructive things because you haven’t dealt with or identified why you’re feeling the way you do. Men are also not taught to express emotions. One of the upsides of being raised by a woman was I was forced to talk about what was happening. At times, I hated it, but I learned to identify why I felt a certain way and express it.
  2. Vulnerability. It’s a strength that many men are not taught to do as much as they should. When you’re vulnerable, you allow people to see what’s going on with you, and you will feel better because you can form deeper friendships and bonds. We connect with people we feel are authentic and honest, and in the world of BS on social media, being comfortable in your skin is healthier and better for life.
  3. Carry on a conversation. The ability to make small talk helps to make real connections and create deeper conversations. The ability to go up to somebody that you don’t know and start a conversation and also be an active listener are aspects you need to unpack very quickly. You need to listen with your entire self and not get distracted by looking at your phone. Actively listen and engage in the conversation. Be interested in the conversation without talking about yourself. Instead, be interested in what they’re doing and ask questions. When you get people to talk about themselves, you can pull from the conversation threads and get opportunities. It makes them feel special.
  4. Nonverbal communication. In the first 3 seconds of meeting somebody, they have formed an opinion about you based on your non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is critical and encompasses how you dress and groom. Let Pete & Pedro grooming products up your grooming game: 8-piece manicure kit, nose hair trimmer, Fresh natural deodorant, and Fresh natural body bar. Have a grooming question and need some answers? Take a Pete & Pedro quiz!
  5. Conflict resolution. You’ll always have people or situations in your life you don’t like, so you need to articulate and think through your reactions rationally and calmly. Look for situation for solutions that benefit both people without getting overly emotional or mad. You’ll win automatically.
  6. Be assertive. You need to go after what you want in life and grab it.
  7. Respect. You need to respect other people and yourself. People who respect themselves don’t take their clothes off for money, do self-destructive things, or post ignorant shit on social media. Respect is not automatically given or guaranteed; you need to earn respect through consistent actions. If you behave poorly or say ignorant things, nobody will respect you.

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