Stop Wearing Cologne Wrong! | 7 Places You Should NEVER Spray Fragrance

January 5, 2023
This video is an old-fashioned fragrance-wearing tutorial where I will go over things you should never do, some places you should never spray, and some ways to make projection stronger and last longer.

Where you should never spray fragrance!

  1. Balls. When the fragrance mixes with your man musk, the fragrance will be distorted. Also, it doesn’t taste good. Powder, but don’t spray fragrance there.
  2. Hair. I’ve seen some crazy fragrance tutorials and hacks saying to spread the fragrance in your hair or put cologne on your comb. The alcohol in the fragrance is bad for your hair and can get absorbed, which will dry out your hair.
  3. Wrists. Yes, the wrist is a pulse point, but it’s the worst. The idea behind wearing an incredible fragrance is to project it and have people smell it, meaning it needs to be up by their face and nose. If you spray your wrists, it’s not close to their nose. The best pulse points are the neck, chest, and behind the ear. Also, don’t use the mist method because the fragrance will disperse and hit the floor.
  4. Armpits. The problem with armpits is the fragrance gets absorbed, and the skin underneath your armpits is different than the skin on the rest of your body.
  5. Face. The alcohol will dry your face, which should be moisturized and hydrated.
  6. Shoes. Your shoes and feet stink because of bacteria. The fragrance will not kill the bacteria, although it may temporarily mask the odor. Ultimately, you will waste your cologne.
  7. Butt and legs. Spraying anything below your chest is off-limits. Other products can keep those areas smelling amazing other than fragrance or cologne. Axe bodyspray should be off-limits for every single person too.

Get your fragrance projecting like a rock star.

  • Don’t spray on dry skin. The fragrance will soak into dry skin. You want your fragrance to sit on top of your skin and project. Make sure you use fragrance-free lotion before applying fragrance so that your fragrance is the star of the show. Also, don’t use overpowering body wash, soap, or lotion.
  • Use a dab of Vaseline over top of your pulse point. After dabbing Vaseline, apply your fragrance on top of it. Vaseline will prevent the scent from soaking in. Even though you may have moisturized with lotion, you still will absorb some of the fragrance. By using Vaseline, your fragrance will not soak in and will sit on top of your skin. The projection will be ten times longer as well.
  • Don’t wear too much. Overpowering fragrance is just as bad as body odor or farts because it’s intense, nauseating, and repulsing. The sweet spot is about three squirts for EDP fragrances or four for colognes and Eau de Toilettes. Lighter fragrances will dissipate a bit faster. Remember, you can always reapply later.
  • Rotate and change it up. You want to be different from the guy that wears the same fragrance every day, every week, every month, for years. Switch it up because people get used to the way that you smell. I love Scentbird so much because you can try fragrances and build a collection without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Use ALPHAM6 to get 55% off your first month at Scentbird. This month, I received: Aventus by The House of Creed, African Leather by Memo Paris, and Magnetic Wood EDP by The Harmonist.
  • Don’t spray your fragrance in your bedroom or in your car. Instead, burn a scented candle that will be softer and more subtle for your bedroom. Ensure your vehicle is clean, and don’t use an overpowering air freshener.
  • To spray or not to spray? When considering spraying cologne on your clothes, you could mess up super delicate fabric like a nice suit. Also, clothing could get stained if the fragrance has a high oil content or is concentrated. If you’re wearing a cotton shirt or a jacket, and you want to give yourself a body shot or a little mist, it’s totally cool to spray on your fabric. Just make sure it’s not super close.

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