12 Stupidly Simple Ways to Be MORE Stylish

May 19, 2024
A lot of guys overthink style. Men think they must wear the best shoes and close when there are simple and easy options to look more stylish instantly. I want to review these with you today.

Simple and easy options to look more stylish instantly!

  1. Color matters. (a) Wearing all black is one of the quickest cheat codes to instantly look more stylish, sexier, taller, and leaner. (b) 99% of dudes wear black shoes because they think it’s safe. Brown shoes are amazing and next-level. They look sexy as hell.
  2. Repurpose your pants.  (a) Use your suit pants as slacks and pair them with a simple Polo or a higher-quality t-shirt. Check out my demonstration. (b) Instead of a belt, use side adjuster tabs to quickly, easily, and instantly elevate your outfit’s aesthetic.
  3. Suede. Boost the aesthetic of your footwear instantly by wearing suede.
  4. Less fabric. (a) Pleated pants should be replaced with flat front which will look better. (b) Tapered shirts (aka slim fit) will reduce the amount of fabric. (c) Also, do not wear big and baggy pants with all the extra room in the crotch. (d) And extra fabric puddling around your ankle is not stylish. Go to a tailor and have your pants fixed by tapering the pant leg. (e) Your pants should also fit your booty.
  5. Don’t button too high. Let your chest out of the jungle. Also, do not have a visible undershirt. This will automatically kill your style.
  6. Accessorize. Wearing accessories will set you apart from others and allow you to express your style. A simple signet ring is a great accessory. A simple chain as well or a watch. Ditch the tech watches and invest in a higher-quality watch. I love my piece from Aura. Click then use code AlphaM to get up to $100 OFF each Aura Watch + 30% OFF each strap.
  7. Proper sleeve rolls. Pull up your sleeve to wear it bends, and then take your hand to tuck it underneath. With your thumb, tuck the sleeve inside of itself. You’re left with a nice, clean, tight aesthetic roll.
  8. Sexy shades. Sunglasses are a game changer and equalizer. Your face can look better and you can look more refined and dignified. Choose from aviators, wayfarers, or clubmasters. All three of these designs can elevate your style.
  9. Summer footwear. Flip flops will drop your style. (a) Opt for a clean pair of Birkenstocks. Pair them with shorts, jeans, or some lightweight cotton pants, and it’s next level. (b) A minimal white leather pair of sneakers with a gum sole is a great way to elevate your aesthetic instantly. You can rock them with shorts for chinos or even jeans.
  10. Lapel selection. The peak lapel is the most stylish option instead of a notch lapel. To go to the next level, opt for the peak lapel, which is very strong and structured. Your shoulders will appear more broad and wide.
  11. Jack up your sleeves. Your arm will look a lot bigger by exposing the triceps. If your shirts are too long, cuff them.
  12. Shorts length. If your shorts are too long, you’ll look like a dork. Two to three inches above your knee. You can also try cuffing your shorts to shorten them. If you have shorts for too long, your lower body will look small. If they’re big and baggy, your calves will look super small. It’s all about fit.

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