The ONLY 6 Items a Stylish Man NEEDS in His Wardrobe!

July 19, 2021
Summer is the season guys struggle with the most in terms of dressing-up and looking amazing — unlike fall and winter with layering, boots, denim & chinos, and jackets. Summer style is not about trends & brands or flash — it’s about wearing specific style items that blend and coordinate with each other to look amazing in any summer situation. Today, I am going over summer essentials every guy needs in his wardrobe.

Look amazing in any summer situation

  1. Button-up short sleeve oxford — simple, clean, and casual cool! Pair with light-wash jeans or cotton pants. You can leave the shirt untucked if it fits correctly as I describe. Tuck it in and then add a belt to elevate it more.
  2. Flat-front khaki shorts — that fit you properly. You can dress them down with a simple tee + minimal leather sneakers or dress them up. You can also add a denim jacket.
  3. Badass polo — they aren’t created equally. I like the higher quality cotton polo (check out my example in the video). A great look is pairing it with shorts + minimal leather sneakers. Choose navy or white. Make sure the shirt fits and the collar isn’t all crazy.
  4. White sneakers — they combine and wear incredibly well with almost everything. Because so many brands are making them, you can find a multitude of options.
  5. Light-wash jeans — but you can also rock them in shorts because they are equally as versatile as a pair of long denim. You can make your own and up-cycle old denim you’re not wearing anymore.
  6. Simple tee shirts — white and black are perfect and versatile. Look for a pocket tee or you can go v-neck. I go back and forth; v-necks are dressier and cleaner imo. You can also use the white v-neck tee to layer under a button-up to elevate the look.
  7. BONUS. Lightweight chino — it’s essential for every guy because they are so versatile and comfortable. You can find a wide variety of colors. Take it to the next level by cuffing once or twice to expose your ankle for summer style.

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