10 Things a {REAL} Man NEVER Talks About

June 19, 2024
In the world of oversharing, men should never discuss certain topics I have a list of things that should always be kept private.

When I look around at all the stuff being discussed and shared currently, I cringe with embarrassment. I’m embarrassed for all of those who share things publicly that make them look clueless, stupid, and worse.

  1. Past relationships. Whether friendships, family, or a current significant other, you look insecure if you talk negatively about past relationships. If you’ve actually gotten over a relationship, you’re not jaded or mad. You’re not angry or talking trash. Look like the bigger person.
  2. Gossip. If somebody tells you something in private, do not share it. You should never share somebody else’s dirt or problems.
  3. Political views. Debating on social media is idiotic. You will never change somebody’s opinion by posting something. You will alienate 50% of the people around you, however.
  4. Money. Don’t talk about your personal finances. Live below your means, do not spend on high-interest credit cards, and if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Identify a want versus a need. Don’t waste money. Use the app Rocket Money. This financial app will help you cancel subscriptions or your bills and manage your money better.
  5. Where you stick your weiner. It doesn’t matter who you slept with or what you’ve done sexually. It doesn’t matter what positions you’ve done, a real man doesn’t share that kind of stuff publicly or even with his buddies. You look into secure, low class, and young.
  6. Relationship issues. If you’re having problems with your significant other, do not share this information. It paints a negative view of the significant other and if you want to move the relationship forward, this can compound and impact the situation. Do not air your dirty laundry with anyone.
  7. Someone else’s family. Do not talk about somebody else’s family in a negative way. When you criticize somebody else’s family, it hits a whole different way. They may be crazy, but keep your mouth shut.
  8. Insensitive jokes. You need to read the room. Don’t make jokes about something negative or derogatory unless you know 100% who’s in the room. You run the risk of saying something stupid that is hard to pull back or excuse.
  9. Bad behavior. Don’t discuss anything illegal.
  10. Acting stupid. This includes social media posts. You never know who is looking at it. Don’t piss off or offend others.

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