TOP 10 Picture Pose DON’Ts {Avoid Looking STUPID!}

June 10, 2021
Common picture-taking mistakes make you look less photogenic than you are! So, I am going over these mistakes that you should NEVER do — the goal is to make you look amazing in every single picture.

These destroy your ability to be photogenic in every picture

  1. Squaring your body to the camera — instead stand at a slight angle with feet planted & smiling, which will make you look taller, more muscular, leaner, and feature the side of your face that looks better. It’s all about the angle, whether a selfie or group picture.
  2. Having double chin action — lift your camera to lift your chin up-and-out to make your jaw look more structured.
  3. Don’t try to look tough & hard, super sexy, or pouty (touching your face)
  4. Giving a big smile that scrunches your face — use this trick instead: press your tongue against the back of your teeth. This action will relax your upper facial muscles. You’ll appear more natural.
  5. Looking greasy, wet, and oily — use the back of your hand to wipe your face before the picture.
  6. Not taking care of your face — if you start taking care of your face, your skin will be more even and clear.
  7. When taking a group picture, watch your hands — don’t point! You could go thumbs-up. But no peace sign if you’re a dude. Instead, get comfortable with the dangle or put your hand in your pocket. It’s natural and allows you to maintain the angle.
  8. Don’t blink — if you have the reflex, use my trick. Look at a light so you can hold a non-blink longer.
  9. Not knowing where to look — look at the camera if it’s facing you. If the camera is reversed, don’t look at the picture (or you will look like you’re not looking at the camera). Ask if you don’t know where it is.
  10. Taking pix of your pickle — don’t send that to ANYONE! Whether you’re impressive or not, that pickle pic will get around (even to weird Aunt Brenda).

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