7 UGLY Body Problems MOST Men Experience {and How to Fix Them}

March 6, 2024
Men face particular issues concerning their bodies that are annoying, embarrassing, and definitely not sexy. Features like man boobs, back fat, dark circles, hair loss, patchy beards, double chins, tiny wieners, and bloated bellies are definitely not sexy and, unfortunately, sometimes inevitable for a lot of men. The good news is that I will show you how to fix them.
  1. Boobies. If you carry excess chest fat, you can minimize it by building muscle underneath to round out your chest. You can also lose body fat because a simple reduction of 10 pounds can be evident in the chest area. A compression garment underneath your clothing can also help. A tight undershirt or a tight muscle shirt are also options to camouflage and minimize boobies.
  2. Weak jaw. Nobody wants chubby cheeks. You can grow a beard, even if it’s a slight 5:00 shadow. It’s an incredible way to strengthen your jaw and make your face look more angular. When you shave, the line on your cheek goes from your ear to your mouth to draw the eye down. Also, allow the hair on your chin to be slightly longer than on the sides of your cheeks. Taper this to draw the eye down. Ensure you don’t carve up underneath the neck fat area, which could make your jaw look weaker and worse. Reduce facial fat by losing weight, and drink a gallon of lemon water daily.
  3. Abs and back fat. Back fat is the last fat you will lose, but it is one place where most guys start accumulating it. You can wear looser pants to avoid spilling over like a can of biscuits. Work out your abs, not just with crunches. Do weighted exercises to help build and develop muscles to create deeper separations, encouraging them to show even if your body fat goes above 7%. Another tip is to do cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to dip into fat stores and use fatty acids. Follow a healthy, clean diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein to make a dramatic difference in how bloated and gassy you are. Take a pre- and pro- biotic, which I use Symbiotic Plus by Ritual. For 25% off your first order, use my link.
  4. Puffy eyes and dark circles. These are super annoying and definitely unattractive. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, which you can get by taking melatonin. Having a dark room and cooling your room to around 65° are also helpful. You can also sleep naked and not look at your phone, which messes up your circadian rhythm. Also, use ice packs, ice rollers, or cold spoons to combat puffy and dark eyes.
  5. Patchy beards. You could dye your beard to look thicker and more masculine. You can use Rogaine on your beard to stimulate the dormant follicles. You can also boost your testosterone by lifting weights and lowering your body fat.
  6. Stature. Height is a confidence killer. Make sure you stand up straight, wear boots to add up to 3 in, and wear monochromatic outfits to enhance your visual height.
  7. Big Al’s size. If you’re concerned about Big Al’s size, lose body fat because the fat pad at the base of your pubic bone will make your wiener look smaller. Take some natural supplements such as L-Arginine and L-Citruline will facilitate nitric oxide protection to relax your blood vessels and increase flow into your main-vein for a stronger and bigger Big A. You can also use a pump.

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