7 WEIRD Signs a Woman Wants YOU to Talk to Her!

May 29, 2023
With this video, I made a tactical error. I thought I could go to the salon and ask these women what sign they give to a guy when they want him to talk to them. Unfortunately, many signs these women give are subconscious, and they don’t even realize they’re doing them. So I’m going to relay this content into two parts. First, I will let these women tell you what they think. Then I will add commentary about what they really are doing.

On a related side note: This past weekend, I was out with a buddy of mine at a bar having a beer when a woman stood next to my single buddy. She was ordering a drink and lightly brushing up against him. I told him that she wanted him and to talk to her because she was pretty spicy. He ends up talking to her, and you can imagine where the night went from there. Thank goodness he used Pete & Pedro powder, deodorant, and body bar before going out that night!

Here’s what girls do to let a guy know she wants him to talk to them

  1. She makes eye contact with you — Along with this, she fidgets a lot by playing with her hair. If she’s fumbling, fidgeting, fixing, or preening, this is a sign that she’s interested. She also could adjust her shirt or pull on her pants.
  2. She could also be angling herself towards you, which is another sign that she’s interested. She will make herself more visible as well. She will put herself in a position where you have to notice her.
  3. She gives you a compliment.
  4. She touches your arm. Like with my buddy, she bumps into him — she could have ordered her drink in another location at the bar, but she got really close to him.
  5. She laughs at everything you say, pays a lot of attention to what you’re saying, and thinks practically everything you say is interesting.
  6. She hints that she is free this weekend, loves movies, or likes to go out to dinner. She will also ask a question indirectly, hoping you will engage with her.
  7. She goes right up and talks to you. Many girls don’t want to play games, so they will come right out and say what they think.

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