10 Things That Make Men Look FEMININE!

August 27, 2021
I am not saying there is anything wrong with being perceived as feminine or being a little bit more feminine as a man. However, if you want to be perceived as more manly, you need to stop doing these things.

Say ‘NO’ to these

  1. Using excessive filters — these filters that women use make you as a dude look more feminine and literally like a woman.
  2. Applying excessive makeup — men’s makeup is more mainstream, but there’s a fine line between using cover-up and looking like you’re using makeup.
  3. Having longer hair — as you let your hair grow, your look softens. Shorter cuts look more masculine.
  4. Not man-spreading when you sit — you need to take more space which is dominant body language. ‘Knees together’ is the proper way women sit.
  5. Having a weak handshake — develop a firm but not too aggressive handshake. Make sure you practice with a friend or family member.
  6. Wearing big & baggy oversized clothing — you will appear small in oversized clothes; on the flip-side,  the properly fitted version creates the masculine ‘V’. The clothing brand Cuts has a masculine silhouette, which is why I love them so much.
  7. Overly grooming or manscaping — take the bulk out of your monster man-bush, but shaving every hair off of your body will make you look more feminine. Also, if you’re overly grooming or arching your eyebrows will make you look super feminine.
  8. Having petite facial features (especially noses, lips, hands, feet) — grow facial hair to balance your nose and/or mouth. Also, wear frames of substance and structure.
  9. Overly accessorizing — a ton of rings, bracelets, chains, and necklaces will make you look more feminine.
  10. Wearing super skinny tight jeans — these make you look like a girl from the back.

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