10 Reasons People {Secretly} HATE YOU at the Gym!

September 21, 2023
Fitness is my religion, and the gym is my temple. My sanctuary and place of worship since I was 12 years old has been the gym. Fitness is the single best decision I’ve ever made; when I went to the gym, I felt like a king. My confidence went through the roof, and my body started changing. I felt unstoppable. I loved the gym, but now I hate it.

The fact that you’re working out is the most important thing. I’m so happy and inspired to see many young people attending the gym. But they need to learn etiquette and self-awareness. I’m sorry if I sound like an old angry dude, but I’m pissed off at all the kids because you ruined my temple. And it’s your fault! You’ve destroyed my temple, sanctuary, and everything pure and holy about working out. You are so damn annoying.

It may sound like a grumpy old dude, but I am. The gym has gotten absolutely insane and ridiculous. In the old days, getting caught looking at yourself in the mirror was embarrassing. But now, everyone is a freaking influencer with social media, which drives me insane.

Why do people hate you at the gym?

  1. Phone focused. Everybody hates you if you have a tripod at the gym and you’re filming yourself with your phone. I am pumped that you’re working out, but stop taking all the pictures. When I see all the dudes taking pictures, they’re not inspiring anybody. They’re annoying everyone. If you’re the dude sitting with a piece of equipment, looking at your phone, and surfing social media, everybody hates you too.
  2. More than two sets? If somebody walks up to you and asks how many sets you have left, and you say anything more than two, people hate you.
  3. Bathroom mirror photos. If you proceed to have a photo session in the bathroom by hitting all the mandatories, everybody will hate you.
  4. Groups working out together. You cannot get a good workout when working out with a group. Two people, maybe, but you have to speed it up and you can’t sit there and talk. You can’t hit on girls and get on your phone, either.
  5. Stinkiness. Everybody hates the stinky dude in the gym. Sure, you can sweat, but you can’t stink. Use a proper deodorant and body/ball powder to avoid B.O.. Check out Pete & Pedro’s Fresh Deodorant plus Body & Ball Powder.
  6. Not dressed correctly. If you’re at the gym and wearing jeans, everybody hates you because you look like a douche. You need to be wearing athletic shoes and not Crocs. You can’t be wearing pajama pants, either. And everybody hates you if you take your shoes off and work out wearing socks.
  7. Crossfit. And if you do CrossFit, we really, really hate you because there’s nothing more annoying than hearing a room of banging. The weights need to be lowered down with control because nobody wants to hear the slamming. And nobody wants to hear all about your CrossFit.
  8. Not cleaning up sweat. Everybody hates you if you lay down on anything and don’t clean up your sweat. If you sweat while doing the Stairmaster, treadmill, bike, or whatever equipment, clean it up. There’s nothing more annoying than somebody who sweats a ton and leaves. This is unacceptable.
  9. Talking loudly on the phone. When doing cardio, don’t talk loudly on the phone.
  10. Posting your workout. If you post pictures, videos, or inspirational quotes of yourself working out at the gym on your social media, understand that everybody will hate you. It doesn’t matter if you’re packing it as inspirational messages; it’s annoying.

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