Top 10 Reasons Women Cheat on Men {& How to Fix Them}

August 7, 2023
Getting cheated on is devastating. When someone you love and care about hooks up with someone else, you feel stupid, ashamed, and hurt. It’s painful. If someone cheats on you, you can’t do anything about it. It’s a fundamental issue with that person and has nothing to do with you.

No matter how much you love or nurture them, you cannot fix a cheater. If they’re genuinely a cheater, they will do it again. Do not take them back — your relationship is over if she cheated because you won’t be able to trust her again. And they’ll probably do it again because once a cheater, always a cheater.

A lot of times, you need to listen to your gut. But that does not mean you can go through her phone or snoop through her stuff. That’s an invasion of privacy and a recipe for disaster. Trust is the cornerstone and foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship.

If you want to become cheating bulletproof, you must do the best job to be the best husband, boyfriend, and lover — but that won’t prevent cheating 100%. Some people, unfortunately, have something fundamentally wrong with them that will force them to act out by cheating. They may be trying to solve something broken within them. As a result, they seek attention or approval from others. But you can take some simple steps to make yourself bulletproof. I will review the most common reasons women cheat and how to fix them. Then, I will review some common signs that she could cheat on you.

Why women cheat

  1. Lack of emotional connection or intimacy. Intimacy means more than getting freaky and sexy. It’s about the mind and communication, where she wants to feel a connection with you.
  2. Neglected intimacy. Ensure you care for her because sometimes guys get lazy and only worry about themselves. Men can become selfish, so you must understand her needs, too.
  3. Doesn’t feel beautiful. Make sure you tell and show her.
  4. Not appreciated. You should also help her around the house. If you want to get her engine and juice flowing, vacuum the house.
  5. Not trusted. Constantly questioning her and always worrying about what she’s doing is one of the quickest ways to destroy a relationship. Be secure in who you are and a confident man. Pay attention to yourself and take a few steps to have a handsome face, including washing twice daily, exfoliating twice a week, and using an AM and PM moisturizer.
  6. Compromising positions or environments. Often, cheating is a product of opportunity. Suppose you feel she’s choosing to put herself in risky situations. In that case, you may need to have that hard conversation.

Signs she may be ready to cheat

  1. Increased secrecy. She may be more secretive with her phone, hiding it, or putting it on silent.
  2. Not getting sexy. A lack of intimacy can be emotional or physical as a warning sign.
  3. Sudden social changes. For instance, she used to stay home with you all the time, but she’s going out with her friends to a bar frequently and all of a sudden.
  4. Change in appearance. Suddenly, she starts going to the gym and wearing sexier clothes.
  5. Change in behavior. She may be picking arguments to incentivize you to break up with her. She may be trying to create drama so that you have a big fight and blow up, and she can leave without having a conversation.
  6. Getting super defensive. When you ask her a question, she deflects. Make sure you follow your instinct when you feel like something is off.

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