12 Things Women WANT Men To Do… But Will NEVER Ask!

November 30, 2023
Something ironic about women is that they always want men to express themselves and be more vulnerable when the truth is she doesn’t always express or tell you when she wants something. And then, when you don’t do whatever it is, she gets pissed off. She says she shouldn’t have to tell you; you should know.

Here’s the good news. I have done the hard yards for you, and I will go over a few things that she wants you to do even though she will never tell you. If you do these things, I promise you that you both will be happier, and you will have fewer fights.

  1. She wants to be turned on when you take off your clothes. If you are sloppy fat or have a dad-bod, you need to do something about it. Don’t think for a second that she wants to be with a sloppy, soft, doughy, dad-bod dude. She wants to be with somebody who has a little muscle tone. It doesn’t mean you must have a six-pack or chisel glutes, but you must work out.
  2. She wants you to fix your style. Don’t think for one second she wants to walk into a room looking all sexy and sexy with a sloppy dude next to her with wrinkled shirts and baggy clothes.
  3. She doesn’t want you to flirt with her friends. She wants you to say no if she tells you that her friend is pretty or that a woman is beautiful. She wants you to tell her that she is pretty and grab her ass. She wants you to tell her how amazing and mind-blowingly perfect her booty is.
  4. She wants you to compliment her without it being solicited. When she asks, it doesn’t count. You need to come out and say that she looks good even if she looks whack and beat up in the morning. She wants to feel appreciated.
  5. She wants you to have a handsome face. Have you ever noticed how much time and money she spends on her face to be beautiful? She takes care of her face, whether it’s reverse aging treatments, anti-aging treatments, makeup, moisturizers, or retinol — she wants you to do the same thing. She doesn’t want you to be old, wrinkled, and have age spots. She wants you to be handsome forever. Tiege Hanley has a new cutting-edge product called Retinol Stick, a game changer. Women have been using retinol for years to even skin tone, reduce oiliness, shrink pore size, shrink scars, and reduce wrinkles.
  6. She wants you to be hungry for something better. Whether or not it’s your career, ambition, drive, or motivation, she wants you to have a burning desire. She doesn’t want to be your mother or parent, and she wants you to be there to support her and her needs as well. You guys should be a team.
  7. She wants you to be a man. She doesn’t want a boy or a puss or a person that she has to coddle or take care of. You need to be self-sufficient and reliable as a man. Also, be a man of your word and never cheat. If you are not happy in your relationship, end it. Or do the hard work to facilitate and develop a healthier relationship.
  8. She wants you to communicate and talk. She wants you to open up and be part of her world. She wants to know what’s happening inside and longs for that connection. She may get it elsewhere if you don’t give it to her.
  9. She wants you to defend her. She needs to feel safe and protected. She wants to feel like you’re a resourceful man she can rely on.
  10. She wants you to help around the house. This includes doing the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, and other little things. This will mean the world to her and make her feel more appreciated.
  11. She wants you to plan and not wait for her to do everything. She wants to feel special and wants you to take the bull by the horns to make things happen, whether or not it’s planning a date, special event, or dinner.
  12. She wants you to go downtown to visit Brenda. She may not actually tell you because you’re too busy taking care of yourself, but the fact is you need to allow her to let her freak flag fly. Encourage and embrace it. Ask her what gets her excited, and let her be naughty. She wants to feel sexy and beautiful, and if you make her feel desired, the good news is that she’s going to be ready to be all sexy and do whatever the hell you want.

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