5 Beard Mistakes That KILL Your “Good Looks” INSTANTLY!

November 12, 2023
Beards are the six-pack abs for your face. They make every single man look more attractive if they don’t make any of these mistakes. Unfortunately, many men think they will grow a beard and then mess it up because they make some of the mistakes I’ll cover in this video.

A beard opportunity can be turned into a liability, so I want to help you and your beard look better. At the end of the video, I will cover tricks to make your beard look thicker and your facial hair grow faster.

Tips to make your beard look the best it can

  • Stop comparing. Don’t compare your beard with other guys’ beards because you don’t want to feel bad about your beard. Don’t shave it.
  • Don’t give up too soon. Many men allow their beard to grow for a little and then think it’s not coming in the way they want, so they shave it off. You need to let it grow past the 30-day mark. You will be amazed at how much thicker and fuller it will get. You can also brush and train the hair to cover patchy areas.
  • Be careful with shaving. I hate seeing a dude shaving his beard up on his cheeks and underneath his jaw.
  • Use the proper tools. All beard grooming tools were not created equal. There’s a direct correlation between beards looking amazing and the grooming tool used. I use the Brio Beardscape 2.0, the best grooming tool on the market. Get the special Alpha M. offer with a FREE Zero Blade {$24.95 value}. Check out my routine in the video.

Biggest beard mistakes

  • Growing it wild. Don’t be a savage. Make sure you taper, tame it by training, and create a nice light angle, which means a little bit longer on your chin and faded on the sides.
  • Not fading sideburns. Not blending your sideburns kills your beard’s game. One thing that looks horrible is when a guy has a shaved head and just cuts his beard off at the top of his ears. You need to fade and blend. Check out my demonstration in the video.
  • Bad cheeks edging. One of the biggest mistakes I see men making is not knowing how to edge cheeks properly. Draw an imaginary line from the top of your ear down to the corner of your mouth. Then you’ll shave everything above and leave everything below. This will be the most aesthetic and help strengthen your job. It’s all about following that jawline.
  • Bad underneath edging. The single biggest mistake that drives me absolutely crazy is seeing a dude with an amazing beard and then seeing that they’re shaving up into the underside. This instantly kills the beard and makes them look horrible. It makes you look like you have a double chin with the fat meat area exposed. Check out my demonstration on how to find the proper line.
  • Mouthful of mustache. You will look horrible if your hair goes into your mouth and over your lips. Also, don’t think for a second that a spicy senorita wants to kiss that. She does not want a mouthful of fuzz.
  • Not conditioning. You’re making a mistake if you don’t condition your beard and, thus, have beard flakes. Beard flakes are horrible and nasty and happen to most dudes because the skin underneath the beard gets neglected. Make sure your moisturizer gets down to the skin, and then use a little extra on your beard itself. Beard oils will make the hair soft and shiny and also condition the skin underneath. You don’t want a bunch of nasty dandruff on your black shirt.

Pro tips to make your beard look darker, fuller

  • Color. When you color your beard, it will look twice as thick and dark as it normally does because you’re covering the lighter hairs.
  • Train your hair. Using a bore bristle brush twice daily, at morning and night, will train your hair to grow in a specific area and make it lay nicely. You can camouflage patchy areas by stimulating the blood to come to the surface carrying the nutrients and speeding facial hair growth. Exercise also improves facial hair growth, increasing blood flow and testosterone release. A healthy diet and good sleep with less stress will also help facial hair growth.
  • Alternative treatments. If you’re worried or insecure about your facial hair growth, you could do some of these alternative options. Minoxidil can be used in the beard. Facial hair implants are also an option. This is painful and expensive, however.

Featured video

Okay, guys– it’s undeniable that fluffy hair is taking over the scene these days, and it’s totally understandable why. That epic bro flow is incredible, if you can pull it off of course. So, if you’re ready to amp up your style with some extra fluff here’s your complete guide to achieving that enviable fluffy look.

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