Top 12 Men’s Grooming DON’Ts! | The WORST Mistakes Men Make

May 26, 2022

A razor-thin line exists between looking acceptably polished and looking like a chick. But on the flip side, if you don’t do enough, then you run the risk of looking like a savage. Nobody wants to get freaky with a savage! So, I’m going to take all the guesswork out of your grooming game by going over the grooming DON’Ts.

The Grooming Commandments

  1. Being well groomed is not ‘gay’ – I have been called gay because I’ve taken pride and ownership in my appearance. Tweezing your eyebrows doesn’t make you gay. My grooming from a young age is one of the reasons I started a YouTube channel talking about style and grooming. I’ve wanted to make taking pride and ownership in one’s appearance more socially acceptable for regular dudes.
  2. Don’t overly tweeze your eyebrows– If you do, you’ll look like a chick. Do not make them too thin or over-arched. Also, pluck your brows and never shave them. By using high quality tweezers, you remove the hair from the root. When you shave you’re making a cross-section of the hair so when it starts to grow back, you’ll have a 5 o’clock stubble eyebrow.
  3. Don’t shave the wrong areas of your beard – check out my demonstration of where not to shave. If you do shave here, your chin will look weaker.
  4. Don’t have back hair and if you do, remove it– use a baKblade shaving system, which you can find on Amazon.
  5. Did not rock a monster man bush – Big Al looks teeny weeny, and you will stink. A monster man bush traps odor because it’s hotter.
  6. Don’t have stinky balls – You need to prevent it 100% with a non talc-based powder like Pete & Pedro Powder. If you have testicles, powder them after a shower and before you leave the house. And don’t forget to put some up the booty crack so you don’t get swamp ass as it’s a hot meaty mess down your pants all day. If you’re not powdering, bacteria forms to cause musky nuts. Make sure your balls smell fresh by giving them a bit of dusting.
  7. Don’t have nasty nails on your hands or feet – Don’t have bitten, crusty, or discolored nails. If they’re funky and nasty, take care of them. Have a manicure kit in your grooming arsenal, which the Pete & Pedro Manicure Set has everything you need.
  8. Don’t have stinky breath – No one should have to endure talking to you with dragon breath. If you smells like you ate a sh!t burger for breakfast, game over. No spicy senorita or friend wants to be up next to that breath.
  9. Don’t have ear or nose hair–This kind of hair is funky and disgusting. If you have a bunch of hairs and your nostrils, it will trap boogers. There’s nothing worse than talking to somebody with boogers. The Pete & Pedro Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is amazing because it doesn’t tug, it’s powerful, and it’s USB chargeable. The trimmer comes with two attachments so you can edge and detail.
  10. Don’t use cheap hair products– Cheap hair products will damage your hair and possibly cause hair loss.
  11. Don’t stink like a 12-year-old boy – Body sprays smell horrible on everyone. But if you are using a cologne, make sure that it’s not overpowering, repulsive, or repugnant. Check out Pete & Pedro’s EDP colognes.
  12. Don’t cover up hair loss– By using comb-overs or toupees, the look is horrible. The worst thing you can do is try to hide hair loss with some sort of funky hairstyle or bad wig. It’s not worth the insecurity. Take the hair nice & short, grow a beard, and throw on some badass frames to add interest in detail and dimension to your face. Or contact Bosley for products and solutions at any stage of hair loss, whether you’re just starting to lose a few strands or completely bald. Pick up the free Info-Kit + a $250 off Gift Card towards a Bosley procedure.

Featured video

FACT: it’s a hot, meaty mess down your pants. All day, you’re running around with Big Al and the Twins packed in your pants. You start to sweat, and because it’s dark and damp down there, bacteria can form causing you to have musky, stinky nuts. If you want to make sure your balls smell as fresh as mine, you have to give them a dusting of the BEST stuff — Pete & Pedro’s non-talc powder.
Talc is not good for your body because it’s been shown to cause cancer. Plus, it doesn’t work very well against sweaty balls. Check out my demonstration of a pasty, chalky talc-mess versus Pete & Pedro Powder. Bottom line: thou shall not have stinky nuts if you use Pete & Pedro Powder. Grab one or all of Pete & Pedro’s badass options: Unscented, Fresh, and Frost.

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