10 Things Men Should NEVER Apologize For!

June 28, 2021
You should always apologize for certain things: being ignorant, rude, wrong, or making a mistake. That’s what a confident and secure alpha does. But sometimes you should never apologize. You have one shot at this life, and you deserve to be happy. You have nobody to apologize to for these things.

Sorry! NOT Sorry!

  1. Who you love — this is your life and is nobody’s business who you choose to love! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your decision. 
  2. Questioning authority and media — you have to do your own research first! Don’t apologize for having an opinion. You have to decide things for yourself.
  3. Never apologize for your beliefs — whether spiritual, political, or philosophical, your beliefs are okay, so own them.
  4. Your dreams and goals — don’t allow people to squash them. It doesn’t matter what they say — this is your life, and you need to do what makes you happy. You don’t get a do over; don’t live a life with regret.
  5. Defending or protecting yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially — I felt the most vulnerable when my identity was stolen and my bank accounts were hacked.  I got a credit monitoring service and started using a VPN to encrypt my data & hide my IP address.
  6. Being disciplined — I am disciplined when I go out to eat, and when dining with others, I always have to hear about what I chose (or not to choose) to eat. It’s nobody’s business what you’re eating or drinking or that you’re wanting to be healthy.
  7. Taking time for yourself to be healthy (physically or healthy) — prioritize your health. I am super selfish when it comes to my exercise, because I need to take care of myself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not good for anyone else.
  8. Wanting to improve or better yourself — as we mature, we want more for ourselves. But others may not want more for themselves. Don’t stay stuck, worrying about hurting feelings. It’s okay to outgrow your friends. Be willing to leave them behind.
  9. Giving up and removing toxic people from your life — sometimes we can completely cut them out. But sometimes we have to still be around them. If so, identify them and set boundaries or get them out of your life. If they are bad for you, don’t apologize.
  10. Being who you are as a person — this includes everything about you. It’s nobody’s business. Embrace your differences because they make you unique and special. Don’t change for anyone.

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