10 Traits of DOMINANT Men That Women LOVE!

July 23, 2021
In this world, there are two types of dudes: dominant and submissive. The dominant man controls his environment and himself; whereas, the submissive man takes the dominant man’s sloppy seconds in everything (i.e., career, friends, spicy senoritas). The dominant will win; the submissive man will not. These traits that I am discussing today will take any man from submissive to dominant (which also means more success to boot).

What makes a man DOMINANT

  1. He doesn’t lie to make himself look better — he doesn’t act like something he’s not. He is true to himself to dominate in life.
  2. He speaks his truth — and he owns his opinion!
  3. He doesn’t whine, complain, & bitch — if the dominant man wants something, he takes it without thinking life is not fair. He controls his life and his destiny.
  4. He takes what he wants — he doesn’t wait for it or ask for it. He believes it’s his job to grab any & everything he wants. He doesn’t sit and think about what he wants; he takes action.
  5. He doesn’t neglect his personal presentation — he knows that within 3-seconds, somebody has formed an opinion of you based on non-verbal communication. Thus, he knows it’s critical to take care of non-verbal communication such as personal packaging & branding (i.e., well-groomed, straight style, smells amazing).
  6. He exhibits self-control and discipline — he knows these are the #1 aspects of success; because if he’s ever expected to be successful, he has to focus and have self-control.
  7. He leads by example — he knows other people are watching, so he walks the walk. He has a responsibility to himself and others.
  8. He can say ‘no’ — submissive men are too worried about upsetting others that they often say ‘yes’ (putting their self-interests in jeopardy) when they should have said ‘no.’
  9. He’s happy, but he’s in constant pursuit of better — he is always striving for more (by working harder) and is not comfortable with the status quo like submissive men.
  10. He has integrity — he has an excellent moral character and compass, which no one can steal from him. He does what’s right as opposed to what is easy. He holds himself to a higher standard, which is rare in today’s world.

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