8 {BETA} Behaviors Holding You Back!

August 9, 2021
Is calling someone a ‘beta’ similar to calling them a pu$$y or more like weak & pathetic? We need to knock off beta behaviors because until we do, we won’t reach our true alpha potential.

Are you acting like a beta male?

  1. Being jealous — being envious of someone will ultimately limit your ability to kick ass and be amazing. A lot of toxic ‘cancel culture’ revolves around jealousy of others’ successes. On the flip side, alphas are inspired by motivated people and apply tips taken from these successful people.
  2. Feeling guilty about what you like and want — don’t chase approval from other people. And don’t be embarrassed about what you want in life because you only need to please yourself. Be into what you like if it’s not hurting other people.
  3. Comparing yourself to other people — I struggle with this, and I know it’s wrong. I know that I shouldn’t look at what others are doing & have and then think I’m a failure. We need to focus on ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to other people. Focus on what you can control.
  4. Being insecure about things you can’t change — my height is something I can’t change. Thankfully, I am not insecure about my height anymore. A lot of guys are insecure about money — and if you are, do something about it. I also have been insecure about hair loss. It’s a confidence killer, and when I saw something getting funky, I went to Bosley Rx. If you want to stop your hair loss, you can do something about it.
  5. Being obsessed with sex and pretty girls — this behavior makes you look pathetic. You need to act like you’ve been there before. Don’t be a simp!
  6. Dressing like crap — upon the first 3-seconds, people form an opinion about you. If your style is out-of-whack, people won’t give you the chance you deserve.
  7. Having a lack of self control and discipline — you have to focus on things that aren’t fun in order to achieve your goals. Successful people can focus while controlling their impulses and urges.
  8. Being judgemental — people need to stop being so busy worrying about other people when it’s none of their damn business. So many judgmental people try to cancel others for being different. These judgmental people won’t be happy, healthy, or successful because they are focused on things they can’t change. Instead, they need to focus on what they CAN change.

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