How to Stand Out from Other Guys

July 28, 2023
The majority of men you meet are average and forgettable. Nothing unique stands out about them. They are bland and boring. But on the flip side, some men you meet are absolutely unforgettable because they stand out for all the right reasons. 

The inspiration for today’s video was a Reddit thread whose topic was how men stand out other than height. There were about 250 comments, and I was excited because of the attributes people noted. I want to discuss a few ways you can stand out well, including some comments from Reddit that caught my attention.

What will set you apart and make you stand out

  • Being a good dresser. Dressing in style is undeniable. You’ll stand out if you’re put together and coordinated with individual and effortless style. Most people dress like crap.
  • Having a good body. Most dudes do not. So, if you work out, you’ll automatically stand out. If your body fat is under 20% or you can see abdominal muscles, that’s the next level.
  • Exuding charisma. Charisma is sexy and powerful, especially when most are basic and boring. Charismatic people have attractive personalities that are engaging and make people feel good about themselves.
  • Being assertive without being aggressive. You do not demean others or put other people down. These men go after what they want to achieve results. They believe in themselves and don’t take the back seat, waiting for something to happen. 
  • Extending empathy and kindness to others. This is so underrated. Having emotional intelligence and the ability to have deep conversations is undeniable. Too many people get so consumed with their lives that they don’t seek opportunities to engage and help others. So open doors for others, lend a hand, volunteer, and listen to a friend.
  • Being well groomed. You’ll automatically stand out from most other dudes if you’re well-groomed. This includes your smell, skin, hair, beard, facial hair, nails, and more. Take a quick quiz to get your personalized hair & grooming routine
  • Having a solid belief system. Having a moral compass helps guys stand out in today’s world. Men have become lost, but those with a strong sense of self and right or wrong stand out.
  • Reddit answers included humanity, someone who smells good, the ability to be quiet and confident, well dressed and put together, being oneself, being able to hold a conversation, not being overly sexual, posture, a beautiful smile, confidence, and more.

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