8 Male Physical Features Women CAN’T RESIST!

May 16, 2022
The super sassy hair-styling sirens from Salon Posta are back! And today’s question is, “What is the most attractive feature a man can have that absolutely drives you loco?”
  1. Height — we all know that tall dudes are attractive. But here’s the truth, short kings can’t do anything about their height. Just wear monochromatic colors, clothes that fit, and don’t have extra meat in your mid-section.
  2. Smile — have nice teeth with a good smile. Whiten your teeth with bleaching strips or over-the-counter kits with trays. If  you have more substantial issues, save up and get help.
  3. Eyes — make sure you don’t have bags, dark circles, and a unibrow.
  4. Hair — having great hair can make you instantly more attractive. If you are losing your hair, Bosley can help you get your real hair back.
  5. Jawline — a strong and structured jaw is desirable. Lose weight, hydrate, and grow facial hair.
  6. Shoulders — wide shoulders and a v-taper are sexy. Wear a shirt with a placket, lift weights, and lose midsection weight.
  7. Butt — do your squats and lunges.
  8. Short shorts — specifically wear 5″ inch inseam.

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