8 {NICE GUY} Habits ALL Men Must Break!

October 11, 2021
Three universal truths are prevalent in my videos — (1) you are awesome, (2) I am awesome, and (3) nice guys get screwed (aka get life’s sloppy seconds). Grab life by the kahones with this ‘nice guy’ intervention. Stop these bad habits that make people think you’re the ‘nice guy.’

Pushover behaviors that destroy self esteem & respect

  • Worrying that people don’t like you — this hits close to home for me. To get people to like me, I used to try to make everyone happy and sacrifice my own happiness & health. If you are a people pleaser like this, this is a warning sign that you are a ‘nice guy.’ Take care of yourself instead.
  • Putting other people’s needs in front of your own — to accomplish your dreams, put yourself first.
  • Stop kissing ass — no matter whose ass you’re kissing, stop because ultimately, they won’t respect you. There is no reason to put anyone on a pedestal. You need mutual respect instead.
  • Investing more into a relationship than the other person — this imbalance is not a relationship/friendship because they don’t feel the same about you.
  • Allowing emotions to rule you rather than logic — this is a recipe for disaster. The Audible book “F*ck Your Feelings: Master Your Mind, Accomplish Any Goal, and Become A More Significant Human” by Ryan Munsey helped me get this whole concept in perspective.
  • Giving people passes when they’ve disrespected you or treated you poorly — stand up for yourself! Say ‘no, it’s not okay.’ We teach people how they can treat us.
  • Apologizing for things that you didn’t do — I used to do this all the time because I wanted everything to be okay. I avoided the issue in doing so.
  • Paying for others even if you have the means — it’s detrimental because you don’t know if they’re your friend or just want you there to pick up the tab.
  • Giving away your power — if you are too eager, it automatically puts them in a position of power. Don’t be so aggressive.
  • Having a lack of self-respect — you can’t have others respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Demand treatment that you deserve.

How to get the book “F*ck Your Feelings: Master Your Mind, Accomplish Any Goal, and Become A More Significant Human”

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