ARE YOU INTIMIDATING? {10 Signs You’re MORE Intimidating Than You Think!}

September 9, 2021
You want to be perceived as intimidating at certain times, like competing for something physically or professionally. If you’re intimidating, you can make other people lose confidence in themselves and their abilities. You ultimately will win, but being perceived as intimidating socially is not super great. People may not want to talk to you, be your friend, or even date you. The crazy thing is that we don’t even realize that we’re perceived as intimidating most of the time. Here’s why you may be more intimidating than you think.

Why some dudes are more domineering than others

  1. Being tall — tall men command attention, and it’s about losing confidence when around them for those who aren’t tall.
  2. Having a beard — the bigger the beard, the more intimidating that man actually looks. Men with patchy beards may feel judged and a bit less manly. Also, a giant beard hides a man’s face, as well as a man can look stronger and more dominant with a big beard.
  3. Having a nice body from working out — men who don’t workout can feel insecure and judged. These same guys can also fear going to the gym due to the fear of the unknown and people looking at them (and judging). In reality, dudes who workout are only worried about looking at themselves and looking good.
  4. Being well-dressed — the color black is intimidating because it’s an incredibly dominant shade. Also, wearing sunglasses is intimidating because eyes can’t be seen. Further, shades make a man look badass. Also, a black leather jacket multiplies the intimidation factor by a thousand. Men that are stylish and well-dressed have more opportunities both professionally and personally than dudes who don’t.
  5. Smelling amazing — when you’re wearing an incredible fragrance (rather than smelling average), you get compliments. Build your fragrance collection with Pete & Pedro’s EDP men’s colognes, which are all under $50. Not ready to commit to a big bottle? Try the Deluxe Size Samples.
  6. Not freaking-out over pretty girls — high-value men don’t lose their minds over pretty girls, and girls know these types of men are different, special, and sexually attractive due to this quality.
  7. Being successful — many men are insecure about finances and feel like they do not measure up to their potential. Men who are not centered and grounded can feel intimidated and secure around successful men. A man who has figured it out and is secure with who he is and where he is both professionally & personally is not worried or intimidated by successful people
  8. Not kissing other people’s asses — a man who stands up for what he believes in wins — it’s game over. This trait is incredibly intimidating because most people are sheep. Being a man who thinks for himself is incredibly intimidating in today’s world. People feel threatened by others who think for themselves and are smart.
  9. Using his brain — men who are intelligent and think can be intimidating. When I am around somebody I know is super intelligent, I feel a bit insecure — not because I am ‘dumb’ but because I realize I am not super smart. This feeling does push me to want to get better and learn more, however.
  10. Having a handsome face — if a man is incredibly handsome,  he will be intimidating others with his good looks. He will have more opportunities than less attractive people, and he won’t have to work as hard to get the job or get the girl. It’s not fair, but that doesn’t matter because this man has an edge in this ultra-competitive world.

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