7 STRANGE Things Women Do When They {Secretly} Like You!

January 24, 2022
Women are amazing, mystical, magical, beautiful, and seductive creatures of sassiness. But on the flip-side, they are also a bit loco and do some crazy weird things when they indeed like you, which can totally mess with your brain. Dudes are basic creatures, simple men; however, the truth is that women are not simple or easy to read. So, today I am going to help you decipher the female code of craziness. To start, check out this audiobook, “What Women Want in a Man” by Bruce Bryans. The author nails actionable steps on how to become a more desirable man.

Insane ways a woman acts when she likes you

  1. Fake profile creation — it’s sketchy, but she will stalk the hell out of you or test you to see if you’re in a relationship or to get some information about you.
  2. Posts sexier selfies — she’s posting kittens at first, but once you start talking, she starts posting more revealing & provocative pictures. She wants you to see how sexy and sassy she is and hopefully ask her out. She is potentially hoping to make you a bit jealous too.
  3. Flirts or talks to another guy — if you’re not moving fast enough, she takes it to the next level to ‘help you’ understand the urgency. She hopes by pretending to be interested in another guy that you might clue in.
  4. Hot and cold — she’ll change all of the sudden. One day, things are great. The next day, she ignores you. She’s trying to tell you that she’s sick of waiting, or she feels as if she’s been too available or aggressive.
  5. Testing you — she will test you to see if you’re interested in someone else.
  6. Gets mad for no reason — she may pout or ignore you in the process.
  7. Goes surfing — she may search out all of your exes, or she’ll have a friend do it for her. The friend may even approach you and ask you questions.

What Women Want in a Man

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