8 Subtle Signs YOU Are Being USED!

December 23, 2021
There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been used. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, girlfriend, family member, or whomever — it sucks. When that light bulb goes off because you realize they aren’t the friend you thought they were — the one that cares about  you — it’s a terrible feeling. You need to protect yourself from being used, which I am going over some subtle signs that someone is using you. These are toxic people that you need to get away from. You deserve to have people in  your life that love and respect you, who are truly your friend.

Time to RUN from the toxic users

  1. The world revolves around them — the conversation revolves around them, and they never reciprocate the questions because they’re not interested in you or what’s going on in your life.
  2. They are ASK-holes — they are always asking for help and stuff. They want favors, but when you need something, they’re not around.
  3. They only contact you when they need something —  and they don’t even say ‘thank you’ or show appreciation when you do help them out.
  4. They’re more interested in who you know and what you can get them — like when I am asked for free shades from my company ENEMY. This makes me realize they’re not my friend; they’re using me.
  5. You never feel appreciated by them — you should feel better about yourself, but you feel worse.
  6. They’re dishonest and lie to you — they often do this to get what they want. Even white lies affect relationships.
  7. They have a difficult time thinking about the future with you — healthy relationships do talk about the future; those unwilling to commit are perhaps using you.
  8. You start to resent them — because you finally realize that they have not been the friend that you need them to be.

Tests to prove they’re using you

  1. Don’t contact them — how long does it take them to reach out to you?
  2. Ask them for help — how do they respond? Do they make excuses?
  3. Stop paying for them when you go out — and then ask them to pick up the tab. How do they respond?

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