10 Things Girls Do That Guys HATE!

September 1, 2021
Susie sent a message to me, and as a result, this video is for her. We’re talking about things girls do that guys hate.

Hey women! Stop doing this common but ridiculous stuff!

  1. Injecting sh!t into your face — and leave your lips alone. Plumping agents are insanity and make you look stupid & swollen. And those eyelashes look so stupid.
  2. Saying you ‘don’t care’ when a guy makes a suggestion — instead, say what you WANT.
  3. Don’t be late — start earlier! Use a watch! You should know how long it takes to get ready. Be on time!
  4. Asking, “How do I look in _____?” — don’t ask if you don’t want a ‘dude answer” and don’t fish for answers.
  5. Saying ‘nothing’ is wrong when something is actually wrong — if you’re going to pout when asked, what does a guy need to do to get you to talk?
  6. Using your man’s razors — I got my wife a Dollar Shave Club membership to stop her from using mine. It’s the best razor bang for your buck.
  7. Telling your girlfriends about your relationship — stop telling them everything.
  8. Gossiping — there’s nothing good about gossip.
  9. Comparing yourself to other women — you’re the spicy senorita he wants to be with, so you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. Stop being insecure.
  10. Being too clingy — guys can be clingy too, and it’s unattractive. The same thing goes for women. Men need alone time with boys, and you need your time with your friends.


BONUS #1 Being overly emotional –being upset is okay. Don’t lead with freaking out. Instead, think with logic.

BONUS #2 Bringing up the past and fighting dirty — women are like elephants and don’t forget anything. Dudes think things are done, however. So with a fight, women bring the death punch to the nuts. Don’t fight dirty because it’s not healthy.

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