TOP 10 Winter Style DON’Ts!

December 3, 2021
If I am being honest, the fall and winter months are my favorite style times of year. We get to break-out all of those badass boots and dynamite jackets — and we look super sexy and stylish wearing them. That is, if we don’t make any of the mistakes I am going over today. A razor thin line separates looking stylish & cool and looking like a huge dork during the cold temperature months.

Cold weather wardrobe misconceptions

  1. Wearing the wrong size jacket — a navy or charcoal pea-coat is a must-have for every stylish dude this winter, but you have to wear the right size. Size down so it’s a little bit snug.
  2. Forgetting  a scarf — scarves are an amazing accessory for the cold winter months because they keep you warm and add another level of dimension to your outfit. My favorite scarves are the lightweight versions. Check out my demonstrations on how to wear them.
  3. Not purchasing high-quality gloves — they are more stylish, and they’ll last longer.
  4. Going cheap with boots — they are a winter style staple, and you should have a few different pairs. Check out Thursday Boots.
  5. Looking stupid with your hat game — invest in a simple black beanie, which is warm and affordable. You also need to have a hair plan after taking off your hat. I would  recommend NOT styling your hair with product prior. Style it once you’ve arrived at the office or school.
  6. Wearing light wash denim in the colder months — dark washed jeans (even black) are more appropriate.
  7. Putting away your lightweight jackets — wear a solid color hooded sweatshirt underneath the lightweight jacket. Layering gives you more months of wear with these sweet jackets.
  8. Not wearing sunglasses — you still need to wear sunglasses in overcast weather, as your eyes still need to be protected from the UVA & UVB rays. Plus, shades are an incredible style accessory
  9. Not having a dressy winter jacket — puffer and bomber jackets are sexy, but you need an option that is dressier such as a driving jacket. You can also wear it thrown over top of a hoodie, tee shirt, denim, and sexy boots or sneaks.
  10. Thinking you cannot be stylish when trying to keep warm — the two can work together as long as you choose items that fit you properly and coordinate. It’s all about layering.

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