9 Things That Make Men Look INSECURE!

January 11, 2021
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Alpha was most insecure about being poor when he was younger — he felt less worthy, like he was a loser, and not as good as other people. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM  https://iamalpham.com/ AaronMarino https://aaronmarino.com/ Pete & Pedro https://peteandpedro.com/ Tiege Hanley https://www.tiege.com/and ENEMY https://enemy.com/ is still insecure about being that poor kid from Philadelphia. He overcompensates because of this. Many men send messages that they are insecure — but keep in mind that everyone suffers from insecurities. Insecurities are invisible — the only one who knows is you. 

Are you sending messages that you are insecure?

  1. Getting mad and jealous when someone checks out your girl — instead of freaking out, be thankful that she’s with you. Take it as a compliment.
  2. Always talking about the size of your junk — just stop.
  3. Lying — any type of lies (even white lies) makes you look super insecure. There are zero reasons to lie.
  4. Having a big truck / loud car — it’s overcompensating for something.
  5. Poorly dealing with hair loss — don’t comb over or use a rug. Instead, embrace it and go short. Or do what Alpha did — sign up for Bosley. You can do everything online with Bosley.
  6. Always comparing yourself to other people — Alpha struggles with this. The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. You can’t control what other people have or do — just be better than the dude you were yesterday.
  7. Constantly seeking reassurance — nothing kills the sexy satisfaction of a relationship than seeking reassurance.
  8. Always flashing cash — overcompensating by making it rain makes him automatically makes him look like he’s a tiny, scared bird. Don’t do it.
  9. Not sharing or offering your opinion — explain or offer if someone asks. It’s not ‘whatever’ or ‘I don’t know.’ Your opinions matter — so speak up if you know something is not right.

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