10 Subtle Signs You’re NOT a “Good Guy”… But Think You Are!

September 24, 2021
Going to church doesn’t make you a good person; being vegan doesn’t make you a good person; wearing a mask or getting vaccinated doesn’t make you a good person; being Democrat or Republican doesn’t make you a good person; having a Black Lives Matter sign in your yard doesn’t make you a good person. BUT being a good person DOES make you a good person, so make sure you don’t do any of these things. Remember, a good person can do some bad things from time-to-time, but it’s all about continuing to do bad things that make you a crappy person. Karma is real.

Why I wouldn’t hang-out with these people

  1. Takes advantage of weak people (aka being a scam artist) — stealing or robbing from someone rather than applying themselves and doing something productive.
  2. Runs from responsibilities (aka Deadbeat Dads) — if they’re not stepping-up to their parental responsibilities, they are pieces of sh!t.
  3. Makes fun of people for things they can’t change — these things could be physical, emotional, or mental. If someone is poking fun in a nasty way to make others laugh, he is a horrible person.
  4. Cheats in a relationship — a lot of times bad experiences from the past manifest themselves in unhealthy ways as we get older if they’ve never been dealt with.
  5. Abuses others emotionally, mentally, or physically — I had stepfathers who were abusive, and I talked through these issues with my therapist.
  6. Is a two-faced — saying one thing then doing another or talking behind people’s backs is so incredibly hurtful. Be the person who tells the truth and be a true friend.
  7. Doesn’t apologize or admit when he makes a mistake — acts like he’s not wrong, which makes him look dumb. It’s sad, honestly.
  8. Litters — I want to fight and punch people in the face when I see all the trash that they’ve tossed. I am passionate about this!
  9. Parks in handicap spots — if someone is not handicapped or has nothing wrong with them, they should never park in those spots or else they suck as a human.
  10. Is a mean-spirited jerk — these people are pessimistic and assholes who push people down. Instead, I want to be with those who lift up people.

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