6 Things You Should NEVER Let a Woman Choose for YOU!

October 20, 2021
The other night, I was out to dinner with my wife, and we sat next to this young couple. I heard the woman ask the guy what he’s getting for dinner. He responded that he’s going to get the burger, to which she said should get the fish. When the waiter arrived, the woman ordered lamb for herself and fish for the guy. DUDE! I wouldn’t let her choose my dinner. This experience got me thinking about things you should never let a woman choose for you.  It’s all about self-respect and dignity, gentlemen!

Always choose these for yourself

  1. Clothes — it’s an indisputable fact that it is NOT a woman’s responsibility to choose a man’s clothes. It’ll make a man look like a huge dork, and she’s thinking of other factors than what looks best on you.
  2. Friends — she shouldn’t pick your friends, and you shouldn’t pick hers. But if your friends are still doing stupid, self-destructive things, you really need to look at yourself and choose the ‘right’ thing instead of the fun & easy.
  3. Signature scent — she’ll choose what’s familiar to her (aka ex-boyfriend). Take your scent game to the next level and build a fragrance collection with the help of Scentbird’s monthly subscription for under $16 per month.
  4. Career — your career is your goals and what is personally satisfying and fulfilling to you. Life for yourself to avoid the trap of waking up one day and wondering what you’ve done with your life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make as much money as her friend’s husband — building a life together and having a family doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your dreams. Don’t lose your identity; take care of yourself.
  5. What you do during your free time — it’s okay to have different interests. The best relationships are when two people come together because they choose to be together, not because they need each other.  Also, never cheat because once the trust is broken, you can’t get it back.
  6. Food & beverage — never let her choose what you eat and drink. Sure, she can tell you what looks good to her or suggest item(s). You can even share. But don’t let her dictate what you like, whether salt, how an item is cooked, sauces on the food, or beverage.

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