10 Types of Women NOT Good Enough for YOU!

September 22, 2021
I want the best for you — and with that, I want to talk about a few types of women that aren’t good enough for you. Honestly, you’re better than them.

You are BETTER than these girls!

  1. Cheaters — no matter how much you love someone, you can’t fix a cheater. There’s something fundamentally wrong with them
  2. Party girls — they may seem like a blast at first, but they aren’t worth your time. They make bad decisions, and something is going on with them.
  3. Mean girls — mean-spirited girls (snarky, negative) are horrible and toxic. Once again, something is going on with them any way you shake it.
  4. Attention-whores — they’re super flirtatious, and at first, you’re enough. After several months, they seek attention from others for validation.
  5. Jealous girls — anything you do a little different, they think you’re cheating on them.
  6. Plastic girls — these women inject all kinds of sh!t in their face, both young and older. This need reeks of insecurity.
  7. Insecure — everyone has something they’re insecure about, but it’s unhealthy when manifesting in eating disorders, plastic surgeries, and more.
  8. Doesn’t take care of herself — you need to be with someone who is physically healthy and lives up to the standard you set for yourself.
  9. Dumb chicks — don’t be fooled by pretty. You need to be both physically and mentally attracted to her. She needs to have someone who stimulates your brain plus Big Al, carries a conversation, has goals and is motivated, and has hobbies & passions.
  10. Bad communicators — communication is the bedrock of a relationship, especially when you settle into the relationship. It’s not how well you get together when it’s good; it’s also when things are bad. She needs to be mature and intellectually capable.

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